ID Yourself with Maison Martin Margiela’s Clutch


In a year of trending some sort of signature cool ID bracelet or necklace (Ann Dexter Jones, Givenchy, Celine) along comes Maison Martin Margiela's ID Bracelet Leather Clutch! A simple navy or nude calfskin clutch with one striking detail...a large silvertone polished metal ID Bracelet that wraps around the body of the bag. This eye-catching detail will add just the right … [Read more...]

Roger Vivier’s Black-Tie Clutch in Black!


Yes, Roger Vivier's Pilgrim Satin evening bag does come in black! For those of you who love color we featured this bag (yesterday) in four fabulous shades. For those of you who (like myself) find it very difficult to break the "need to buy black" mold we're featuring Vivier's gorgeous evening clutch in black. So many of us buy bags and shoes in color, trying to wear something … [Read more...]

Roger Vivier’s Black-Tie Clutch Except Not In Black!


With so many black tie events and upcoming weddings this summer we're sharing a gorgeous must-have evening clutch from Roger Vivier. How perfect is this elegant statement clutch for those special occasions and my son's wedding? Vivier's flats, heels, sunglasses and bags have been a favorite of mine since the chi-chi shop opened it's doors in NYC some years ago. (Not to far away … [Read more...]

Charlotte Olympia’s Arm Candy Inspired Clutch Bags!


Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite fashionista? We've made it so easy by featuring the "perfect girlie gift" right here. Who wouldn't love unwrapping a stylish arm-candy inspired clutch? Resembles your favorite Valentine candy hearts without the calories. Charlotte Olympia's Love Heart Clutches: "For Keeps" "Be Mine" and "Hug Me" are both whimsical and … [Read more...]

Need to Camouflage Your Love?


The dreaded/beloved holiday known as Valentine’s Day approaches. To that end, let's check in with Italian designer Valentino, who's recently released a curious and sexy collection of camouflage goodies. These treasures include: Valentino’s rockstud canvas and leather clutch; a camouflage silk twill caftan top; a rockstud canvas and leather tote bag; and leather camouflage … [Read more...]

Charlotte Olympia’s Dose of “Cat-i-tude” is Just Enough For Us!


While we're not a fan of CATS...we're loving Charlotte Olympia's quirky Kitty Perspex Clutch with the sparkly eyes and the gold cat-face...whiskers and all. That's just enough Cat-i-tude for us! Simply carrying a cat clutch could make us sneeze (allergic to cats) but we're so into this kitty design that we're going to fore-go the achoos and the tissues! Red is the latest … [Read more...]

McQueen’s Floral Pieces Are Just Right For Spring


While I'm definitely not a floral-print person I love Alexander McQueen's latest floral pieces. Neither piece screams floral...maybe because the floral pattern is muted (to a degree) and the flowers aren't jumping off the pieces. Obviously, the scarf is a favorite of mine as it's predominately leopard with splashes of floral in just the right places and the clutch works so well … [Read more...]

Clare Vivier’s Pop of Yellow Works for Me!


By now you know that Clare Vivier's bags are high on my list. The design, color combinations and style set these bags apart from most clutches as does the price. While Vivier (not to be confused with famed handbag designer Roger Vivier) has a line of "regular" handbags, it's her clutches that have caught my attention and credit card! The clutch featured here is truly one of … [Read more...]

Stella McCartney’s Lips, Matches and Hearts…Oh My


This new collection from Stella McCartney reminds me of my Chanel jacket from a few years ago. It's always interesting to see how designers recycle successful designs from the past. That being said....makes me realize my Chanel jacket with the lipstick emblem is still very wearable and in style! I love this whimsical look from Stella but would ONLY wear one piece at a time. … [Read more...]

The Name “Vivier” Caught My Attention But The Bags Were Locally Made


I recently wrote about these stylish and reasonably priced casual clutches that I found at a boutique in West Hollywood. The clutches were lined up on a table and immediately caught my eye. I had no idea of the price or the designer but knew I loved the style, the bold stripes, the shape and size of the bags. The designer was Clare Vivier. I thought...must be related to … [Read more...]