Support The Linda B Pinchoff Foundation In Their Quest to Provide Cheery Waiting Rooms in Oncology Units


We hope you’ll support our friend, Jason Pinchoff and his wonderful charity The Linda B Pinchoff Foundation named in loving memory of his incredible mom.This charity/organization hopes to Bring A Voice to the FAMILIES of those who have been diagnosed with cancer and are currently receiving treatment.The Linda B. Pinchoff Foundation has recently partnered with The Memorial Regional Hospital in Florida for there first major project.

The Foundation is dedicated to transforming drab and impersonal waiting rooms in oncology units where children and their families spend countless hours while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments.They hope to create a more comfortable and homelike atmosphere. We hope you’ll support Jason and the foundation in their efforts to brighten up these waiting rooms making a difficult time a little more comfortable.

Please take a couple of minutes to read Jason’s bio for an understanding of his remarkable courage through tremendous adversity.We admire Jason in his efforts to create something so meaningful for patients and their families.We’d also love for you to “like” Bring A Voice on Facebook. Everyone needs a voice!

Betsy Brown

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