Treat Your Soles to Soludos


If you're on the "coveted" wait list for the Chanel espadrilles, you maybe waiting for a while! It's not so easy to snatch a pair of the $650 must-have cotton of-the-moment flats with the iconic CC logo. For those of us who are unable to get on this "now closed" list, we have an adorable back-up espadrille! Thankfully, it's a lot cheaper by hundreds of dollars and just as … [Read more...]

Rocking Valentino’s “New” Espadrilles


  When I was growing up, my mom wore espadrilles...Jacques Cohen (made in France) to be exact! They came in every color and were oh-so-comfy! (priced really well, too) I was so excited when I was old enough to get a pair. They were very simple looking (Navy with no embellishments) but very trendy for their time. Fast forward....decades later and espadrilles are hugely … [Read more...]

Finish The Look with Lanvin Ballerina Flats


Honestly, if I didn't know better, I'd think the model was me except for the fact she has no wrinkles on her neck! She's wearing my daily "effortless" uniform. I have the Lanvin ballerina flats (without the pearls), and they're THE most comfortable flats I've owned in a long time. The inside is cushioned, and the flat features elastic edges for extra comfort. They're a pleasure … [Read more...]

Marsell for the Hobo Chic or the Fashion Trendy???


In 2011, Adam our west coast contributor enlightened us with Marsell's hobo-chic Oxford lace ups. My cousin quickly emailed me, "You've got to be kidding". Fashion bloggers questioned my taste. I'll admit they looked if they belonged on a bum, hobo, clown or schlepper. Certainly not for a stylish fashionista. I had to buy the oxford lace-ups and test them … [Read more...]

TOD’S The Original Driving Moccasins with The Bumps!!!


The last few years I seemed to have forgotten about TOD'S classic moccasins with the rubber driving sole and hand-made stitching. I used to wear them ALL the time and loved how comfy they were. Like everything else fashionable... I finally tired of them and stopped wearing my "beloved" TOD'S...formerly known as J.P. Tod's. While recently in New York City, I was walking by the … [Read more...]

Valentino Rockstud Espadrilles!


I've always wanted a leopard espadrille! Actually, when I was growing up Jacques Cohen canvas and jute epadrilles were the thing to own. I'm sure some of you remember these! They came in every color. Fast forward to all grown up!When I heard that Valentino was coming out with espadrilles and in my favorite color...LEOPARD (is leopard now a color????) I was beyond excited. Who … [Read more...]

Need to Camouflage Your Love?


The dreaded/beloved holiday known as Valentine’s Day approaches. To that end, let's check in with Italian designer Valentino, who's recently released a curious and sexy collection of camouflage goodies. These treasures include: Valentino’s rockstud canvas and leather clutch; a camouflage silk twill caftan top; a rockstud canvas and leather tote bag; and leather camouflage … [Read more...]

Jenni Kayne’s D’Orsay Flats May Just Replace My Lanvin Ballet Flats


Jenni Kayne's D'Orsay flats are very cool and one of the most unusual looks I've seen recently. This particular style...the D'Orsay, elongates the foot giving it a slim sexy look. You can see how the pointed-toe leopard flat looks on my foot on instagram @afewgoodygumdrops. I'm sure you'll agree...very cool. Not only do these shoes look great they are extremely comfortable. … [Read more...]

There Are Endless Possibilities with Jenni Kayne’s D’Orsay Flats


Just a few days ago I had the pleasure of stopping in Jenni Kayne's namesake store. I loved the clean understated look, the simplicity and feel of the boutique...very appealing. I fell in love with two pair of pointed flats. (featured above) My Roger Vivier pony flats (which were on my feet) were totally shedding/shredding  with a gash in the sole. Kayne's shoes by comparison … [Read more...]

We Are “Roaring” To Go with Kenzo’s Tiger Loafers and Fun Spirited Looks!


I wore Kenzo years ago and purchased many pieces from his boutique in Paris on our first trip. I hadn't really thought about Kenzo since the line's recent resurgence. Rewind...I'm now totally obsessed with Kenzo's velvet loafers with the tiger motif, the red pony-skin tiger flats and the satin flying tiger loafers.( I just maybe tossing aside my tamer Charlotte Olympia Kitty … [Read more...]