Getting Ready For Fall Featuring Boyfriend Jeans


Betsy Brown Style by afewgoodygumdrops featuring Boyfriend Jeans  My outfits are pretty casual given my lifestyle unfortunately that doesn't make them less pricey. This look is one of my favorite's...casual, comfy and cool. I'm enamored with The Row, Dior, and Valentino! This outfit features my favorite (luxury) designers mixed with distressed denim. We've all become … [Read more...]

In-The-Bag Sale!


 An exclusive HANDBAG SALE is starting today at one of my favorite online retailers. This fantastic sale begins at 7 AM U.S. Eastern Time (New York) until August 20th 4 AM U.S. Eastern Time (New York). Like any incredible sale, there are Promo Code Terms and Conditions. Be sure to click the purple links for sale information, viewing these must-have bags, and of … [Read more...]

I Can’t Help But Love This Season’s Valentino


Although I adore Valentino, I keep thinking what can they possibly do that's different this season? I've become bored with some of the same shoes and bags I've seen these last few years. Luckily I found some new Valentino fashion favorites that are on my must-have "for fall" list in keeping with their signature (studding) detail and elegant pieces with an edgy twist. … [Read more...]

My Everyday Look by A Few Goody Gumdrops


My Look by A Few Goody Gumdrops featuring ripped jeans. I only wish I was this skinny and looked as good in my jeans!  Here are some of my favorite "feel-good" "look-good" items for now and the upcoming fall season. I love anything from The Row Collection.Their pieces are so wearable, very cool and truly timeless. The three pieces featured (above) are The Row Shoulder … [Read more...]

Would You Rather Have a Leather Jacket, Leather Bag or Leather Skirt?


Honestly, I don't get Moschinos's leather buckle skirt or the jacket bag for that matter. Although these pieces are extremely fashion-forward and stylish...I'd rather have a fabulous biker-chic leather jacket (Alexander McQueen's Nappa Leather Moto obsession!!!!) that I can wear daily...especially given the prices of Moschino's jacket-bag and leather buckle … [Read more...]

Leather Jackets Are Expensive: Can You Achieve the Same Look with Rocking Leather Bags?


For a good 50 years and counting, the leather jacket has been an icon of American counterculture. You don’t have to be a Hell’s Angel (or anywhere close) to appreciate the fashion awesomeness of a well-made leather jacket, but these pieces can be quite pricey if you opt for the most haute couture versions. Today, we’re going to explore four biker jacket inspired leather bags … [Read more...]

Alexander Wang’s Ruggedly Chic Glamping Bag…WTF???


Although I'm a huge fan of Alexander Wang...this bag leaves me feeling dry. Dry??? Doesn't quench my thirst in any way. It's a luxe-leather canteen that can't be filled for obvious reasons. So if you're thirsty for some cool're out of luck. The bag boasts "rugged chic appeal" (with gorgeous smooth leather) which I totally agree with. You can definitely carry the … [Read more...]

The Chaine De Jour Deer Print Leather Bag Oozes Elegance


Elegant, tasteful and classy don't even begin to describe this timeless bag from Valentino. Lately, there isn't anything that Valentino touches that isn't an instant must-have. In an era where "rockstuds" are the rage Valentino's Chaine De Jour is virtually studless (except on the shoulder chain strap). The bag is simply stunning with its Chanel-inspired look. … [Read more...]

When Your Closet Hands You A Boring Outfit…Liven It Up With a Pierre Hardy Bag!


Sharing our favorite Pierre Hardy bags again! Thanks to Adam for the fabulous write-up on these ever-so striking and stylish bags! These bags are fabulously fun and will add pop to any outfit. Pierre Hardy's latest bags are a must-have this fall. They'll definitely add zest & zing to a monochromatic palette. Yours truly can't decide which one to buy!!! Such a DILEMMA! I'm … [Read more...]

Charlotte Olympia’s Movie Night Popcorn Bag is Calorie-Free!


It's movie night! Are you ready to take calorie free popcorn to the movies without butter? We are! We're totally enjoying Charlotte Olmypia's whimsical eye-catching Movie Night Embroidered Leather Bag. That's not surprising since we love and own her Kitty Flats. Charlotte's accessories are quickly becoming recognized on celebs, models and ordinary me! Her playful … [Read more...]