Shop Must-Have SoulCycle Sweats on AFGG


For those of you who love to workout (UGH) especially at SOULCYCLE we're now featuring their workout clothes on A Few Goody Gumdrops. Even if you don't love to exercise or aren't athletic the sweats are still fun to wear. These trending pieces are sure to give you tons of mileage! Since I'd rather shop than work out...this is perfect for me. I love their edgy workout clothes … [Read more...]

Start Spinning….The SoulCycle Wardrobe is Here!


For those of you who love to work out especially at SOULCYCLE we're now featuring their workout clothes on A Few Goody Gumdrops. These fab pieces are sure to give you the most mileage! Since I'd rather shop than work out...this is perfect for me. I love their edgy workout clothes and anything that boasts a skull logo! I've selected of few of my favorite pieces. If you're … [Read more...]

Hanging Around Tees


These are the long sleeve tees I live in from day-to-day. Classic tees with a modern twist and long enough to cover the butt! We all need those comfy and cool tees that look great, hang just so and hide a few things going on. I'm sharing my faves from Vince, T by Alexander Wang and Wilt. These playful tees can be dressed up or down and pair great with leggings or your … [Read more...]

We Are “Roaring” To Go with Kenzo’s Tiger Loafers and Fun Spirited Looks!


I wore Kenzo years ago and purchased many pieces from his boutique in Paris on our first trip. I hadn't really thought about Kenzo since the line's recent resurgence. Rewind...I'm now totally obsessed with Kenzo's velvet loafers with the tiger motif, the red pony-skin tiger flats and the satin flying tiger loafers.( I just maybe tossing aside my tamer Charlotte Olympia Kitty … [Read more...]

Brian Lichtenberg Sweatshirts and Tees: Is BL Kidding? Is He a Genius? Both??


If you happen to be shopping at Kitson...or at some other ultra-trendy boutique on Robertson or Melrose in Los'll sneak a peek at Brian Lichtenberg’s iconic sweatshirts and tees. These come emblazoned with provocative one word mantras...often puns on designer “Homies,” “Ballin,” “Cannabis,” “Bucci”, “Caniné,” “Feliné,” and “Burrrr: So Icey.”What’s … [Read more...]

A Pencey For Your Thoughts!


Get ready for spring and summer with this tattered funky look! Pencey's feminine white top is the perfect piece for rag + bone's shredded boyfriend shorts or style with stunning skinny trousers. We love the cool look of this sexy white blouse...expressing ATTITUDE all season long. Being a "white blouse" collector so to speak...they're handsome with anything from denim to a … [Read more...]

Seeing Double with Vince


Every season we're on the HUNT for that ONE safe top that works with almost everything we own. Doesn't need to be super funky, soaringly pricey or ultra cool...just needs to look great and serve as that go-to staple that we'll run to...maybe even too much! Vince's Double V is the perfect "I know what I'm wearing today" piece. By the way, it's called the Double V cuz back and … [Read more...]

Christopher Kane’s Crinkled Chiffon Dress Bares It All….Even Tummy Rolls!


How incredibly gorgeous is Christopher Kane's "head turning" sheer white drees? It screams femininity or can see my tummy rolls! Although we can NOT wear this incredibly sexy and chic piece we love it for those who can! It's soft, sensual and elegant. Kane's dress is dramatic in such an understated way. We love how it hangs "just so"  in crinkled chiffon with extra … [Read more...]

Not Just Any Tee


A Few Goody Gumdrops has been writing about the perfect "tee" ever since we can remember. That's because the tee shirt is one of the most important staples in our wardrobe. The tee is something you throw on everyday. It can be worn with short shorts, jeans, sweats, wide leg trousers...even a sequin skirt. In addition the tee is a great piece to layer. We live in tees so for us, … [Read more...]

Balmain’s Ever-So Wearable and Stylish Black Sweater!


We're absolutely loving Balmain's light weight black sweater which exudes designer luxury with casual elegance. Actually there isn't much from Balmain we don't love except the prices although that has never stopped us before! Balmain's black long sleeve sweater with the gold button accents is fabulous with so many wearable options. We continue to recommend layering as a great … [Read more...]