How Exactly Does Waterproof Mascara Work?


How Can You Use This Product In Your Beauty Routine? You’re already a fan of products like tarte lights, maracuja oil and amazonian clay blush. But you may nevertheless be mystified by how mascara actually works, on a physical level. So let’s develop your understanding of this type of makeup to help you build your intuition for what works best for your eyes, for your face … [Read more...]

Top 5 Mascaras for Look-At-Me Lashes

Tartes Light Camera Lashes

Whether you desire length, definition, volume or a combination of all three, these top 5 mascaras will help you get the "eye opening" lashes you crave. 1. tarte lights, camera, lashes! This mascara was clinically tested and proven to increase lash size by 424% - so you know it's good! Plus, the 4-in-1 formula not only increases the volume of your lashes but also … [Read more...]

Guest blogger Goes Bollywood with Mickey for MAC


Not only is Mickey Contractor the mastermind behind Bollywood’s perfectly-applied faces, but he’s also MAC’s Director of Makeup Artistry for India — so it’s only fitting that he’d have his own MAC collection to share his makeup genius with fans on this side of the pond and beyond! The Mickey Contractor for MAC collection, isn’t quite as over-the-top and theatrical as you might … [Read more...]

Lash Out With "Smashing" Violet Eyes


New from Smashbox! BIONIC is the first ionic mascara for longer, stronger and more dramatic eyelashes! We love the jewel tone color.... a black violet hue that's perfect for spring and summer. It's only $19.00. How reasonable is that?  To make eyes really pop, apply multiple coats of BIONIC MASCARA in BLACK VIOLET to the top lashes, sweeping up and out, then sweep the JET BLACK … [Read more...]

The Latest in Flawless Lashes


We are so excited our guest blogger, Brittany from Clumps of Mascara has chosen to review the five best mascara's for our readers! If anybody knows mascara, it is definitely Brittany. "Some little girls want to be doctors when they grow up. Others astronauts, attorneys, entrepreneurs and C.E.Os of companies. Me? I wanted to be a mascara reviewer!!! Okay, I'm kidding. I didn't … [Read more...]