Violet Inspired Lids


Excited to have recently shared the collaboration between fashion designer, Christopher Kane and Nars (limited edition) lip glosses for his Spring runway collection 2015. The Christopher Kane and Nars collaboration also created gorgeous eyeshadow colors. They're an eye-catching favorite of mine combining stunning colors and high shine. This duo eyeshadow called Parallel … [Read more...]

How Exactly Does Waterproof Mascara Work?


How Can You Use This Product In Your Beauty Routine? You’re already a fan of products like tarte lights, maracuja oil and amazonian clay blush. But you may nevertheless be mystified by how mascara actually works, on a physical level. So let’s develop your understanding of this type of makeup to help you build your intuition for what works best for your eyes, for your face … [Read more...]

Charlotte Tilbury’s Long Lasting Eyeshadow Pencils


We recently scooped about Charlotte Tilbury's gorgeous collection of lipsticks. Our top choices being Nude and Hepburn. We quickly purchased and haven't taken these stunning natural shades off. Literally, been wearing morning, noon and night. The lipsticks are creamy and do wonders for the lips.  We're now obsessed with Tilbury's eyeshadow pencils (The Chameleon Collection) … [Read more...]

Zelens Concealer…Are You Ready to Hide the Dark Circles?


While I don't consider my myself a make-up guru I would fall under the classification "make-up junkie" or (serious) collector. I'm actually beginning to narrow down my favorites to my top vanity draw but I'm still searching  for the perfect concealer. Most of us need to conceal under our eyes, above the lip, the sides of the nose, a few get the picture. Although … [Read more...]

Makeup Trends We Love


Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite makeup trends. Although I love anything shimmery I probably wouldn't wear the bright silver glittery lipstick. My two favorite "naughtier" lipstick colors are from Laura Mercier, known for their moisturizing lipstick and Poppy Queen, known for their sheer tints of outrageous colors. These two dark shades have become classic tones … [Read more...]

Sue Devitt’s Eye Intensifier Pencils Give Your Eyes That Smokey Smudged Look!


Honestly, I think I have tried every eye pencil that's on the market. For the past few years, I've been using Sue Devitt's Eye Intensifier Pencils. They're amazing for that smokey smudged sultry look around the eye. As Terry Barber (director of makeup artistry for Mac Cosmetics) said in a fairly recent issue of the New York Times Style Section..."The look is coming home from … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger, RedPoppy Fashion Shares The M.A.C APRES Chic Collection


Our friend Tanya from the fabulous blog RedPopppy Fashion is sharing then newest M.A.C Collection for Spring 2013. Here's what Tanya had to say...The M.A.C collection for Spring 2013, Apres Chic, offers natural glamour by way of warm brick shades to beat the winter chill. But to be honest I am much more interested in the absolutely gorgeous image of yummy burnt orange knit!! We … [Read more...]

The Andy Warhol Inspired Collection from Nars is Here!


We're so excited to bring you this amazing collection from Nars. Nars is paying tribute to one of our very favorite artist's....Andy Warhol. He's truly one of the most iconic pop artists in modern history. We proudly have his "Self Portrait" with the "Diamond Dust" hanging in our family room. This series included Mickey Mouse, Aunt Jemima and The Wicked Witch...just to name a … [Read more...]

Guest blogger Goes Bollywood with Mickey for MAC


Not only is Mickey Contractor the mastermind behind Bollywood’s perfectly-applied faces, but he’s also MAC’s Director of Makeup Artistry for India — so it’s only fitting that he’d have his own MAC collection to share his makeup genius with fans on this side of the pond and beyond! The Mickey Contractor for MAC collection, isn’t quite as over-the-top and theatrical as you might … [Read more...]

Revlon CustomEyes Giveaway on A Few Goody Gumdrops!


We are so excited about this "eye popping" Giveaway. We've teamed up with Revlon to offer FIVE of our readers the chance to win Revlon's new line of eyeshadow and liner. This amazing eye makeup will take you from day to night! The Revlon CustomEyes Shadow & Liner allows you to go from a simple and classic day look to a bold and playful night out look, all with a simple … [Read more...]