Tis The Season for Pastels


We all know it’s the season for pastels! No better time to start wearing them than now as yesterday was the first day of spring! Nope, I’m not kidding even though I haven’t seen a single spring flower yet. Although spring has sprung, it’s still chilly. I was in NYC all weekend and definitely needed a warm coat and my shearling boots. Once we entered Boston…needed this gear even more and today it’s snowing! But since it’s truly spring, it’s time for spring makeup. These pastels from M.A.C. are totally spring and so luscious on the lid and perfect for Easter, too. Subtle pastels have always been a favorite of mine.You may have seen my post featuring rose-motif cakes in the same yummy colors. (match your “cake” to your lids!!!!) Whether these dreamy colors are on your lids or in “your mouth”, these are the trending of-the-moment looks. The eye shadow palette from M.A.C. features nine shades, some with a matte finish, some with a frosted finish and some with a satin finish. Personally, as my lids are getting more wrinkled (as I get older), I stay away from frosted shadows (they accentuate the wrinkles) except under the eyebrow. No matter how you wear these shadows, no matter what combo you pick, your eyes are sure to brighten up and look like spring. Style Tip: consider wearing three different colors on your lids or even making an ombre effect. Click the purple links or the actual image to indulge. The compact is easy to carry in your purse if you need a touch-up later in the day. #wearityourway


Betsy Brown

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