Are You Ready To Rock Some Playful & Comfy Gloves?


Now that winter is almost here, it's time for gloves. Go for a fun color! Gloves are the accessory that should be both warm and colorful. We've rounded up some playful and comfy pairs. Bright colored gloves are sure to liven up a boring black winter coat or puffer. We love great looking nails and are always texting so it was important to find gloves that really fit the bill.We … [Read more...]

Wild Fingerless Gloves from Christopher Kane


After wearing fingerless gloves few the last few years I can tell you there's nothing better. My fingers love the flexibility. It's easier to steer the wheel, dial your phone, put on your lip liner, change a tire and so much more. Christopher Kane's bright leopard cashmere gloves are perfect to compliment your everyday down puffer or fur gillet. The gloves are so soft and … [Read more...]

Winter Is A Great Time for Autumn…Cashmere!


It's Winter and it's a great time for Autumn... Cashmere. Funky Leopard Autumn Cashmere Fingerless Gloves! Gloves are a blend of cashmere and cotton. We love fingerless gloves. Allows us to do all the little things we need to do... putting on lip gloss, texting and reaching into our over-sized handbags to get our credit cards. These Gravel or Cherry colored fingerless gloves … [Read more...]

A Great Accessory to Keep Your Hands Warm!


Rag and Bone Honeycomb Fingerless Gloves in Gray or Black. These gloves are ever- so "cool" and make it so easy to let your hands stay warm while you're able to use your fingers to re-apply your lip gloss, zip your moto-chic jacket, fix your hair, use your cell phone or whatver you need to do! What a great find! Shop Rag and Bone Gloves on A Few Goody Gumdrops. Shopbop.comClick … [Read more...]

Zanotti Goes Moto Chic


You Can Go Moto-Chic, Too with Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes & Matching Gloves! Banded Buckle Black Suede Sandals feature this season's hottest trends...studs, rings and silver buckles.OMG!!!!!!....4.25" brushed stiletto heels. Black Leather Fingerless Gloves with exposed zipper detail.If you can walk in these fabulous stiletto sandals and your fingers won't get too cold in these … [Read more...]