Mix & Match Erimish’s Versatile Beaded Bracelets!


My mantra....the more the merrier especially when it comes to jewelry. (definitely not pounds!!!! ) That's why I love wearing stacks of beaded bracelets on my wrist. Beaded bracelets are the best wardrobe staples. They're easy to wear and totally cool. You can never get "too wristy" with a stunning stack of beaded bracelets. You can wear two, three, or four. For an even … [Read more...]

MMM x 4 Rings=Ultra-Cool


Maison Martin Margiela is known for being an ultra-cool, fashion-forward designer. We're totally in awe of MMM's edgy collection of (set of four) Cuff Rings. MMM continues to entice us with non-conventional unique, designs. Wearing multiple rings on different fingers is the latest jewelry rage. Margiela's set of four open-band ring cuffs of polished goldtone brass, feature a … [Read more...]

A Few Goody Gumdrops Interviews Stephanie from Sky Jewels


Betsy from A Few Goody Gumdrops and Stephanie from Sky Jewels met from their mutual love of caramel candy. They quickly realized they shared a passion for candy snails, beaded jewelry, charms and Buddhas. They struck up a friendship and hence the interview. Stephanie's eye-catching handcrafted pieces are truly wearable art with an edgy modern quality. She loves mixing and … [Read more...]

Dannijo’s Traffic Stopping Earrings


Are you ready to be the center of attention? If these earrings don't turn heads...then nothing will! We know you'll be irresistible wearing these spectacular chandelier earrings and they won't break the bank. When it comes to partayyyyy earrings....my motto...the bigger the better. Typically, that's hard to do with the price of diamond and gold hanging earrings. Thankfully, you … [Read more...]

Super Versatile Balmain Gold-Tone Cuff = Gorgeousness!


All you need on your wrist is one large statement cuff. Balmain's large gold-tone stacked coil cuff fits the bill and then some! My favorite expression when I love something..."It's BEYOND".  File this one under #gorgeousness #need #order #ASAP. This stunning design features hinged construction with a magnetic closure and is approximately 3.25" diameter and 2.25" width. It's … [Read more...]

Ridiculously Glorious Silver and Gold Star Bracelet by Ann Dexter-Jones: A “Five Star” Four Star Bracelet


Put the internet down for a second and glance through your jewelry collection. You must have at least one piece-some stand out bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings – that makes you… • Smile a little inside; • Feel slightly better about the world; • Feel more positive, more exuberant in a way that you can barely articulate. Few pieces of jewelry connect with us emotionally … [Read more...]

We’ve Got You Collared with Fallon’s Gunmetal Necklace


We're loving Fallon's totally on trend polished gunmetal-tone Collar Necklace for all your summer necklines. Fallon's vintage-inspired necklace looks great worn alone! Absolutely no other jewelry is necessary with this smashing piece. The length is adjustable and can be worn at the maximum length if you desire. (16 inches) The necklace features a flat over-sized curb-link chain … [Read more...]

How About a HOORSENBUHS Ring For Mother’s Day…The Truest Form of High Design!


I'm sure so many of us are on the same page right now.....trying to figure out what we deserve/want/need for Mother's Day! My list keeps changing and growing. A stunning HOORSENBUHS double band ring has been a constant on (the top of) my list. Last year I was lucky enough to secure a HOORSENBUHS double wrap leather bracelet which I barely take off. Now I'm going for any one of … [Read more...]

Ann Dexter-Jones Bracelet Treasures…Sumptous and Amazing!


Fashionistas are applauding the meteoric assent of designer Ann Dexter-Jones, a prominent New York City socialite and proud mother of some very accomplished children! The British born Dexter-Jones boasts, among many other friends, former Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney. She is also an incredible designer who has created many statement bracelets. Today, we'll quickly catalogue four … [Read more...]