Jennifer Meyer….Simple, Delicate Elegant Jewelry


There's a reason why celebrities and fashionistas "in the know" love Jennifer Meyer’s jewelry creations. You can wear multiple pieces at a time, and she's constantly adding creative designs to her menagerie of treasures. Let's take a tour of four delicate, simple pieces: Jennifer Meyer Diamond “Love You” Necklace Want to wear your heart on your sleeve (or around your neck)? … [Read more...]

What Am I Missing? Nothing I Don’t Think!


Even though I'm into more delicate jewelry especially around the neck I can appreciate bold playful pieces. That being said....I'm totally missing something here with these big statement necklaces. I'm not into floral-style prints but still can appreciate floral designs and I think these pieces borderline...awful. Top designers including Valentino, Shourouk, and Oscar De La … [Read more...]

Balmain’s Dramatically Stunning Cuff


Our latest must-have obsession is from one of our favorite places....France. We're totally loving Balmain's 24k gold plated brass OVERSIZE statement cuff! Not only stunning and chic but a major piece all on it's on. So much for the rows of arm candy and beaded bracelets...which we're tired of anyway. Balmain's cuff is a definite "stand-alone" piece. Although the cuff is … [Read more...]

Jewelry Imported from the (Far) Future: Eddie Borgo’s Extra Large Cone Bracelet; Geometric Bangles and Bear-Trap Bangles!


Eddie Borgo boasts a reputation for extreme design and a willingness to push (if not outright destroy) the status quo. He's like if the Sex Pistols evolved in a polished futuristic sci-fi realm. His aggressive, raw concepts are at their most wonderfully playful in four new pieces: • The Extra Large Cone Bracelet; • Geometric Bangles; • Pave Bear-Trap Bangle set; • … [Read more...]

We’re Charmed by Givenchy’s Shark Tooth Pendent Bracelet


We recently shared Givenchy's oversized shark tooth pendent necklace so it's a no brainer sharing their latest must-have matching bracelet with the hanging shark tooth charm. Matchy-matchy jewelry is not our thing but in this case it works. You can pair them together or wear either stunning piece alone. Looks great with last season's chunky Celine necklace, too! We twisted our … [Read more...]

My, My, My, My Shashona – Carole Shashona’s Gorgeous, Trendy, Everyday Bracelets


Carole Shashona’s collection of trinket-rich bracelets is fun and funky -- much like The Knack’s hit song (of similar name) “My Sharona.” Today, we're going to explore three choice treasures from Carol Shashona’s catalogue: The black diamond and camel bone Empower Bracelet; The tiger’s eye and black diamond Goddess Diana bracelet; Last, but certainly not least, the … [Read more...]

Givenchy Devotees Can Enjoy This Shark Tooth Necklace!


Givenchy does it again! When I eyed this playfully chic necklace at my favorite chi chi department store...I knew I had to have it! The hanging necklace is a totally cool must-have even with it's hefty price tag. Givenchy's signature shark tooth pendant features an onyx cracked shell inlay shark's tooth. The piece hangs just so from a polished, … [Read more...]

What Do Sidney Garber, Repossi and Monique Pean all Have in Common?


They're the designer's of a few of my favorite baubles! Some I own and some I'm hoping to own! I've been wearing Jennifer Meyer's initial diamond B necklace, Repossi's four row gold ring and Ann Dexter-Jones ID bracelets...the large Malachite and the small Gold/Silver ID bracelet paired with Devon McCleary's Beaded Bracelet (with the hanging charm) for the last few … [Read more...]

A Few of Our Favorite Bracelets


Just wanted to share some of our collection or as we lovingly refer to it...our stackable "arm candy". We love the virbant colors, the extra large cuffs, the enameled patterns and the wrap around leather bracelets. Yes....they come from one of our fave stops/shops....Hermes! These bracelets will help "jumpstart" any morning. We'd pair a stack with skinny jeans, an H belt and a … [Read more...]

If She Doesn’t Love You Forever After You Get Her This Repossi Diamond and Gold 4-Row Berbere Ring, You’re Doing Something Wrong!


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friends.Let's assume that’s true. If so, what on Earth are we supposed to make of the eight rows of white paved diamonds that bedeck, like common sequins, this Repossi Diamond and Gold 4-Row Berbere Ring? Is this ring "a girl’s best friend times a million, plus 40 to the infinity power"? Perhaps! Even one of these ring tiers, alone, would … [Read more...]