Ridiculously Glorious Silver and Gold Star Bracelet by Ann Dexter-Jones: A “Five Star” Four Star Bracelet


Put the internet down for a second and glance through your jewelry collection. You must have at least one piece-some stand out bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings – that makes you… • Smile a little inside; • Feel slightly better about the world; • Feel more positive, more exuberant in a way that you can barely articulate. Few pieces of jewelry connect with us emotionally … [Read more...]

We’ve Got You Collared with Fallon’s Gunmetal Necklace


We're loving Fallon's totally on trend polished gunmetal-tone Collar Necklace for all your summer necklines. Fallon's vintage-inspired necklace looks great worn alone! Absolutely no other jewelry is necessary with this smashing piece. The length is adjustable and can be worn at the maximum length if you desire. (16 inches) The necklace features a flat over-sized curb-link chain … [Read more...]

How About a HOORSENBUHS Ring For Mother’s Day…The Truest Form of High Design!


I'm sure so many of us are on the same page right now.....trying to figure out what we deserve/want/need for Mother's Day! My list keeps changing and growing. A stunning HOORSENBUHS double band ring has been a constant on (the top of) my list. Last year I was lucky enough to secure a HOORSENBUHS double wrap leather bracelet which I barely take off. Now I'm going for any one of … [Read more...]

Ann Dexter-Jones Bracelet Treasures…Sumptous and Amazing!


Fashionistas are applauding the meteoric assent of designer Ann Dexter-Jones, a prominent New York City socialite and proud mother of some very accomplished children! The British born Dexter-Jones boasts, among many other friends, former Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney. She is also an incredible designer who has created many statement bracelets. Today, we'll quickly catalogue four … [Read more...]

Jennifer Meyer….Simple, Delicate Elegant Jewelry


There's a reason why celebrities and fashionistas "in the know" love Jennifer Meyer’s jewelry creations. You can wear multiple pieces at a time, and she's constantly adding creative designs to her menagerie of treasures. Let's take a tour of four delicate, simple pieces: Jennifer Meyer Diamond “Love You” Necklace Want to wear your heart on your sleeve (or around your neck)? … [Read more...]

What Am I Missing? Nothing I Don’t Think!


Even though I'm into more delicate jewelry especially around the neck I can appreciate bold playful pieces. That being said....I'm totally missing something here with these big statement necklaces. I'm not into floral-style prints but still can appreciate floral designs and I think these pieces borderline...awful. Top designers including Valentino, Shourouk, and Oscar De La … [Read more...]

Balmain’s Dramatically Stunning Cuff


Our latest must-have obsession is from one of our favorite places....France. We're totally loving Balmain's 24k gold plated brass OVERSIZE statement cuff! Not only stunning and chic but a major piece all on it's on. So much for the rows of arm candy and beaded bracelets...which we're tired of anyway. Balmain's cuff is a definite "stand-alone" piece. Although the cuff is … [Read more...]

Jewelry Imported from the (Far) Future: Eddie Borgo’s Extra Large Cone Bracelet; Geometric Bangles and Bear-Trap Bangles!


Eddie Borgo boasts a reputation for extreme design and a willingness to push (if not outright destroy) the status quo. He's like if the Sex Pistols evolved in a polished futuristic sci-fi realm. His aggressive, raw concepts are at their most wonderfully playful in four new pieces: • The Extra Large Cone Bracelet; • Geometric Bangles; • Pave Bear-Trap Bangle set; • … [Read more...]

We’re Charmed by Givenchy’s Shark Tooth Pendent Bracelet


We recently shared Givenchy's oversized shark tooth pendent necklace so it's a no brainer sharing their latest must-have matching bracelet with the hanging shark tooth charm. Matchy-matchy jewelry is not our thing but in this case it works. You can pair them together or wear either stunning piece alone. Looks great with last season's chunky Celine necklace, too! We twisted our … [Read more...]