Lazuli Roll-Neck Knit Sweater for Fall

Great new sweater design from “designer extraordinaire” Isabel Marant who can seem to do no wrong season after season. While the knitwear top (seen above) looks very simple by itself…it looks incredible on the model. It’s the perfect chunky knit cream sweater to kick off your fall 2015 wardrobe. The top is made from heavyweight wool and alpaca blends. Marant’s Lazuli ecru sleeveless sweater is this season’s answer to the classic sweater vest with a twist. The styling and details (the ribbed bands that connect the front and back) make this a key piece to own. We’ve come to love this color as we’ve seen in the traditional Fisherman Sweater. We love how Marant updates old classic looks into this season’s trendiest pieces. This is totally a “live-in” go-to wardrobe staple. And yes, it comes with its high price (but not off the wall) “Marant” sticker.
In true “Marant” style…if you don’t buy it now, you’ll be flipping out when you can’t find it. This past season the only Marant items that you could really get your hands on were flat boots in crazy sizes, shapeless Birkenstocks and low-top white sneakers with a so-so design. If you love it…buy it now! This top (also available in black) will seamlessly transition from distressed straight-leg jeans to leather leggings or wool cropped trousers. It looks cool with just about anything. We’re making shopping so easy! Just click the purple links or the actual images to indulge.


Betsy Brown

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