8 Ways to Change Your Style for Summer

We all get stuck in a rut every now and then when it comes to style. We stick to safe hairstyles we know suit us, wear colors that we’ve always worn, and keep the same clothes on a rotating pattern for years. But, it can get boring and you can lose sight of how you look. Colors and styles that suited you years ago may not suit you now. It’s good to make a change and step out of your comfort zone occasionally and summer is the perfect time to do it. Here are some great tips to help you.


Prints can be bright and bold or subtle. But, whichever you go for they are sure to update your look. Instead of wearing the same plain clothes, add some prints. Some great ideas include printed beach pants or maxi dresses, but if you don’t fancy making such a big statement opt for an oversized printed beach bag.


Most of us tend to stick to colors we’re comfortable with. We have wardrobes absolutely full of navy or black to the point we are almost scared to try anything new. Just like prints, you can either add a little subtle color to your accessories or go all-out with a bright top or dress. Don’t be afraid to try something you wouldn’t normally wear.


Hair is so easy to change and can have a huge effect on your whole appearance. You don’t even need to get it cut to change your style. Experiment with a vibrating straightener to see what different styles you can create. You could go straight, curly, flat, add some volume, or even change your style every day.


When you are busy going about your day to day life it’s easier to have a familiar makeup routine you are comfortable with and you know suits you. However, making a few changes don’t have to change your routine or be daunting. Try changing the shape or color of your eyeliner, adding some bold lipstick or changing the tone of blush.


Nothing will make you feel confident and sexy like new lingerie. Invest in some nice underwear and you’ll find you hold your head high, stand straight, and feel great, even though no one else knows.

Avoid Trends

Trends come and go very quickly in the fashion world, so don’t feel you have to follow them. If you fancy something from last season, go for it.


Do you have the same bag and jewelry for your day to day life that is practical and sensible? Make some changes. Another great way to update your accessories is by adding a scarf. A lightweight scarf is an easy way to update your look without buying a whole new wardrobe.


Buying a few key pieces that are high quality and perhaps a little more expensive is a great way to add some class to your style. When spending more, try to do it on things like jeans and jackets that you wear a lot so their cost per wear is still low.

The best thing is none of these changes have to be permanent. If you don’t like your new clothes, try something different. If your hairstyle doesn’t suit, grow it out. That’s the best thing about style; it can be ever changing. You can experiment constantly without ever having to commit to something you’re not sure about.

The Fashionable Housewife

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