Five Delicious Sneaks to Get 2015 Started on the Right Foot (and Left Foot)


As the Arctic vortex continues to freeze out most of the nation (except for those lucky folks down in Florida and on the California coast), many women are seriously contemplating what they can do to improve their footwear collection. To that end, we are going to breeze through five really exciting and fashion forward shoes from the likes of Versace, Givenchy, Giuseppe … [Read more...]

Fast Forward with Pierre Hardy…Somethings Never Change…Pet or Sneaker???


It wasn't too long ago that I wrote a post titled Pet or Shoe and Cousin of The Pet or Shoe. The shoes in question were designed by the infamous Pierre Hardy. Fast Forward to fall 2014 and now there's Hardy's athletically chic sneaker adorned with his "signature" fur ball (again) but now it's on the comfy all around rubber-sole sneaker. I'm totally into the sneaker phase. … [Read more...]

Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Backpack, Patent Leather Sandals, and Floral Embroidered Sneakers: Colorful Crazy Fun


Every fashionista knows that Giuseppe Zanotti creates quality products that are fun and effervescent. But are these colorful statement pieces – GZ's Embroidered Suede Backpack, 20 mm Suede Floral Embroidered Sneakers, and 110 mm Metallic Patent Leather Sandals – worth the investment? How much is “fashion fun” really worth? These profound questions are a bit stultifying. So … [Read more...]

Are Marant’s Bekett’s a Throwback to Rebbok’s 80’s Hightops?


Back in the eighties when my kids were little all the mom's in their playgroups wore colored high top Rebbok sneakers with velcro straps. Those were the "in" shoes to wear. So my question is...what's with the Isabel Marant sneaker craze? Isable Marant was totally smart to re-introduce the hightop....but that's exactly what she did with the Willow sneaker this past … [Read more...]

Dioniso’s Fur Sneakers Only Look Like They’re Crawling!


Honestly, this sneaker is not alive although it looks like it might start crawling. I know the sporty/sneaker look is very "in" right now. That's why the Isabel Marant Willow sneakers sat in my closet for a month and yes, I felt guilty as I knew fashionistas were going crazy trying to get them. (at least I kept the Marant workshirt) I put the Willows on everyday and took them … [Read more...]

Designer High Tops Are Back!


Around twenty plus years ago my parents brought me back white Gucci sneakers from Italy.(still unworn) They were white with green and red stripes and matching red and green laces.Here's the old saying..."everything that is old is new again".Sneakers are back...big time and very different than the Lanvin style which we own and wrote about last year.The sporty designer high top … [Read more...]