Rick Owen Lilies…a Collection That’s Strikingly Cool


Although I’m a huge Rick Owens fan I can honestly say his outlandish fashion shows do nothing for his collections! (feel free to google his runway shows) You may remember the runway show two years ago where the male model’s “privates” were hanging out of the clothes. (took balls to do that!!) Anyway, I’ve always adored his asymmetrical draped pieces, sculptural tees and uneven hems. Many designers have adopted his style…no one gets it quite right like Owens.The Rick Owen Lilies line is all that and more and not as pricey as the Rick Owens line which is often unaffordable. These neutral pieces as seen above are the perfect go-to staples for your everyday wardrobe. These colors make up my wardrobe…black, tan, rose and white. Honestly, what other colors do you need in your closet? The collection is super cool and so many pieces work with other pieces in the lines. They’re easy to wear, edgy enough and versatile. Rick Owens style has always made a huge impact on fashion, and now his Lilies line is doing the same. Don’t get me wrong this line still packs a punch with the price tag, but if you love Rick Owens, the Lilies line is somewhat more affordable with the same cool vibe. Many of us need to fill our “everyday” wardrobe void and this is the best place to do it. The pieces are just as strikingly cool from the back, too! See below: the mesh jacket, the white sleeveless deconstructed tee, the sleeveless crossover top in rose and the white sheer whisper-thin asymmetrical jacket. Are you ready to rock this look? Click the purple links or the actual images to shop this trending collection.


Betsy Brown

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