“You’ve Gotta Have Heart” epecially at the Knees with a Bella Freud Sweater & a Maison Margiela Tote

I’ve always been a huge fan of “the boyfriend” jean. I’m not talking about the overly-exaggerated utterly destroyed schleppy look. I’m talking about jeans that are “a drop” more relaxed (than skinny jeans) but have a very cool and stylish look. See above…these are the jeans I’m talking about. They’re more forgiving than a skinny jean and not as baggy as a true boyfriend jean and still look great on the body. That brings me to who makes these ultra-fab jeans…Christopher Kane. Kane’s blue boyfriend jeans are not seemingly destroyed or ripped and feature large hearts embroidered at the knees. The hems can be turned up for a hipper look or worn to the ankles. The jeans can be paired with sandals as seen above,  simple white sneakers (big trend) or Givenchy open-toe ankle booties and your favourite top or Bella Freud cashmere sweater. 

Brace yourselves…the jeans are extremely pricey $$$$$$, but I look at it this way…if you’re wearing jeans every day (like me), then it’s worth the splurge. You’re saying “is she out of her mind”??? Don’t forget AFGG is a high-priced shopping blog…so of course, I’m going to feature over-the-top pricey jeans. No major accessories needed. Mix in a great mm6 Maison Margiela black tote bag and you’re good to go! We’re also loving Golden Goose black glitter sneakers for a more dramatic look than simple white sneaks. Click the purple links or the actual images to indulge. The jeans are also available in this season’s hottest trend…white.


Betsy Brown

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