The Subtle Pieces Of Men’s High-End Fashion

The Subtle Pieces Of Men's High-End Fashion

Fashion is a female-dominated world, whereby the majority of what is considered mainstream to most people, is going to be what women wear. There are so many styles, new items, designs and uses of material, that it’s understandable to think that the fashion industry is heavily focussed on women. Maybe it’s because there is so much freedom for creativity and little design pieces can be accentuated to look more eye-catching. However, we must not overlook what the high-end fashion of men has up it’s sleeve. For many decades, the overall look and design of men’s fashion has stayed the same but steadily evolved. This is because when it comes to the upper echelon of what is considered striking and bold for men’s fashion, a lot of history and tradition is involved. And yet, even if you don’t understand what the different designs and cultures there are for suits and tailoring, you can appreciate the subtle items that men wear. If you are able to understand them, you can creep into the understanding of what motivates the overall narrative of men’s high-end fashion.


The Bar or Clip

If you live in a major city that has a financial or business district, no doubt by now you’ve seen some men that walk around with loose ties. Often times they get struck with a gust of wind and the tie goes all over the place. For practical reasons, the tie clip and or bar has made a comeback. Many said that it was time to put this small item back in the drawer as it seemed a little old-fashioned or even simply unnecessary. How wrong those commentators were because ties have become lighter with less fabric being used. The length that men tie their ties to has also changed and is no longer as long as it used to be. So now, a steel tie clip manages to clasp the tie to the shirt and remain out of sight for the most part. On the other hand it can become a brilliant accessory that has a purpose in the way a man is dressed. It can be encrusted with jewels, made from gold, possess a shine or dull matte finish.


A Gentleman’s Offering

The image of the gentleman handing someone a handkerchief is an iconic one. Someone who is crying, perhaps hurt or maybe even spilled something onto their own clothes, has been handed a pocket square by an icon in many movies. It pertains to real life as this was something that was done during the 20th-century and much earlier also. These days, it’s a great opportunity to exude your personality without saying a word. There are different fabrics and designs that all exhibit their own purpose and character. A polka dot pocket square is something to be worn with a summer suit, or perhaps an everyday suit that is not so serious. On the other hand a pearl white, plain pocket square is much more formal and thus worn with a business suit. How you fold it is the key to showing your personality, so learn how to fold a pocket square so you can use such a simple piece of fabric to tell the world something about yourself. The guide shows you how to make simple rectangles, and more complicated folds like the rose, peaks and puff.


Pinning A Point

Suit lapels are often just left bare with no accessories. This is usually because the higher up something is worn in men’s fashion, the more of a statement it becomes. Therefore, many people just tend to keep it simple just to play it safe. However,  a lapel pin is something that gives you the chance to be brilliantly creative. It can also be a mark of something you care about or wish to declare to the world. A golden flower is something that is ornate, but ultimately a powerful symbol of fine taste and appreciation of complex taste. Or if you want something that is subtle and won’t attract attention, you can wear a simple stud that has a design in it’s face such as a flag, symbol, or item of any kind. Stainless steel is the most popular option for material as it doesn’t overshadow the suit and blends in nicely with just about every color, except for black which is usually more formal anyway.

Men’s high-end fashion has many traditions that go back centuries but more subtle pieces have only come of age recently. If you look more closely at what someone is wearing next time, you could pick up on somethings that show a little bit more about their personality and personal style.

The Fashionable Housewife
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