Six Pairs of Jeans You Can’t Live Without!

My go-to place for jeans just happens to be Shopbop. They have an array of designers, styles, washes, distressing, and shades of denim. I’m starting to like the “wider leg” jean (as seen above) with the light wash but the distressed cropped jeans are always a staple. Give me a pair of slouchy jeans any day! I’m constantly wearing jeans,(day or night) so I like them to be comfy and flattering. Not always easy to get both.

Some jeans are so uncomfortable I literally need to struggle to get them on. (the struggle is real) Yes, jumping around the room has been an “easy” way to get them up, zipped or buttoned. Choose any look for your jeans. Pair with anything from a Chanel jacket to a fringe cropped sweater. I don’t love heels paired with jeans although it’s a trendy look. Give me a pair of glittery Golden Goose sneakers or a pair of Fendi ribbed-knit sock booties, and I’m all set.

The jeans of-the-moment (six totally different looks) are from Tortoise, PRPS, and Moussy. I used to live in PRPS jeans then they disappeared. My pair had tiny writing on the upper part of the jeans. So glad they’re back! Of course, there are tons more styles for you to choose. Jeans have become so pricey so, its worth it to take “my opinion” or really shop around. Click the purple links to indulge and find the style you’re loving.

Tortoise Slouch Cropped Wide Leg


Tortoise High Waisted Culotte

Moussy Comfort Nancy Skinny Jeans

Moussy Mesa Straight Leg

Betsy Brown
Betsy Brown

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