Rachel Brown’s Kabbalah Inspired Jewelry Collection

I just had the pleasure of chatting with Rachel Brown and learning about her handcrafted jewelry. Rachel’s artisan pieces share a common theme although many of them are uniquely different. They carry a message that Brown will detail in our interview. Each piece is fascinating, creatively stylish and captures a symbolic meaning and a sense of harmony. We’re excited to share Rachel’s inspiration, her philosophy, her beautiful designs and her celebrity following which has garnered much attention in the press. I’m sure you’ll be totally in awe of Rachel’s refreshing and magical style. Rachel’s line of jewelry is based on the spiritual messages from the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah. “I love that I can connect other people to the wisdom of Kabbalah using my jewelry as a medium for achieving this goal.”

1. When did you begin designing jewelry?

I began designing jewelry eight years ago when I realized the pain of not fulfilling my dream (creating my jewelry line) was greater than the pain of knowing I took the risk. If I didn’t take the risk, I’d always wonder “what if ” I didn’t follow my passion. It was my dream since I was a child, but I didn’t follow that path as I was afraid of failing. After many attempts, I finally had the courage to follow my passion and dreams. I started my business with three thousand dollars that I won gambling at a casino, began a grass-roots marketing plan, sold my jewelry piece by piece, client by client, always reinvesting everything I made. My business is now seven years old. I’ve put my heart and soul into making each piece of jewelry. I’m always thinking (and creating) outside the box.

2. Where do you get your inspiration?

My passion for creating jewelry and being an artist in combination with my passion for my spiritual journey based on the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah is my inspiration. I’m inspired by other designers, magazines, fashion, and different environments. Everything inspires me on some level. Baking homemade apple pie for my dad even inspires me! Through my studies of Kabbalah, I began to use Kabbalistic meditations that were extremely powerful. These ancient meditations composed of special Aramaic letter sequences helped me to create a spiritual structure in my life, bringing me a sense of well-being, peace of mind, happiness and confidence. I started to see images of jewelry with the Aramaic letters. I felt the need to create these images on bracelets, necklaces, and earrings…just to name a few. Wearing them reminded of the angels engraved on the pieces throughout my daily activities. I was so excited I was able to combine my spiritual studies and my artistic talents into a meaningful line of jewelry.

3. Can you give us a little background on Kabbalah?

Kabbalah means “receiving”. The wisdom of Kabbalah is about how to receive everything we could need and want in our lives through the spiritual system that Kabbalah teaches. These spiritual laws of the universe take the soul through a journey toward ultimate fulfillment. Kabbalah is not a religion, but a set of values to adapt to your everyday life in order to reach one’s potential.

4. What type of person do you see wearing your jewelry?

My jewelry is a collection that addresses and fills the gap of one’s emotional needs. By wearing a necklace or bracelet that emanate the energy of “healing”, “protection”, “unconditional love” or “dissolving negative energy”, my customers feel greater confidence and emotional fulfillment. I have a product transferring powerful spiritual messages. I love when people are happy with their jewelry and feel protected and healed by its power.

5. Do you have a signature piece?

My signature piece is a bronze cuff that Donna Karan is currently wearing. I have several product lines in my collection…a core-basic line, a signature line, a couture-runway line, a one-of-a-kind collection and a line for dogs that should be launching soon. My prices begin at $115 and go as high as 8000 dollars. I invite you to view my website and see my different lines. I’m very proud of my signature line. Each piece takes on the energy of the wearer and becomes an original, unique piece, as there are no manufacture’s sealants or chemicals used in the plating process to prevent oxidation.

6. Does your jewelry represent a philosophy?

My jewelry is based on spiritual messages from the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah. All of my jewelry is engraved with Aramaic letter sequences that are angelic energies. My jewelry gives people strength, peace of mind and comfort to deal with everyday problems, hardships, and confusion. My jewelry addresses and fulfills the spiritual needs of people during this universal time of continuous chaos and uncertainty when people are seeking a sense of security.

7. Is your jewelry handmade? If so, are you involved in the process?

Yes, my jewelry is handmade. I find the materials, work with engravers, polishers, casters, jewelers, and platters. I put the pieces together using pliers and cutters. I prepare them as much as I can before they are finished by artisans. I apply all the finishing touches to each piece, creating different finishes and filing the rough edges. Sometimes late at night, I begin working on pieces using vintage chains, scraps of metal, charms, and medallions. Things just have a way of designing themselves.

8. Do you need to be Jewish to wear Kabbalah Jewelry?

Kabbalah is all about the spiritual laws of the universe and has nothing to do with Judaism or religion. It’s all about being spiritual and connecting the positive energies via the letter combinations engraved on the jewelry. It’s all about unity with all people of the world.

9. Who are your top three favorite designers?

My favorite designers are Azzedine Alaia, Narcisco Rodriguez, and Victoria Beckham.

10. Do you have a celebrity following? If so who?

Yes, I do have a celebrity following. Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, and Donna Karan are some of the celebs that wear my pieces. They wear pieces from my Rachel Brown Jewelry Line, which is my couture, runway collection. All of these pieces are handcrafted one-of-a-kind or specially commissioned pieces.

11. Do you participate in a charity?

A percentage of every sale goes to Spirituality for Kids, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to end suffering for vulnerable children around the world. Through highly effective spiritual lessons, SFK empowers and guides children to realize their purpose and potential in life.

We wish to thank Rachel for this enlightening interview. Be sure and view Rachel Brown’s Collection at www.rachelbrownjewelry.com You can also email Rachel at: rachel@rachelbrownjewelry.com

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