Is Christian Louboutin’s Red Polish All It’s Cracked Up To Be?


You'd think if you spent fifty dollars on a bottle of nail polish it would practically give you a manicure! In hindsight...a ridiculous craving. For me Louboutin's exciting new signature polish... Rouge Louboutin was a must-have and with good reason...the color red matches the soles of Mr. Louboutin's iconic red heels, flats and booties. Who wouldn't want to be in on the big … [Read more...]

The Quintessential White Shirt Goes Preppy


Current & Elliott are stepping right into the "normcore" look with the white "prep" shirt. For the last few's been all about the "quintessential" white-tee which is still hugely popular and fashionable. This coming season it's about the "preppy" white cotton long-sleeve shirt with very unpreppy ripped jeans! Love that super casual wrinkled "normcore" look....a … [Read more...]

If You Love Barneys Like You Say You Do…


...then here's the perfect cream cotton tote to cart all your essentials (and then some) around town. This isn't  just any canvas tote...look real closely at the graphics. If you're a Jennifer Meyer "wearer" like I am then you'll recognize the necklace detailing on the front of the tote in metallic gold..."IHEARTJ.MEYER" graphic and at the back with "IHEARTBARNEYS". Two great … [Read more...]

Rag & Bone x Buffalo Plaid Patches = Must-Have Jeans


For me Rag & Bone's skinny ripped jeans with the "of-the-moment" buffalo plaid patches are a definite no-brainer! I already own these jeans without the patches so I know they'll be a good fit. (FYI...Rag & Bone's skinny jeans are the best fit) I'm loving the buffalo plaid accents scattered just-so throughout the jeans. These jeans are amazingly cool and I'd actually … [Read more...]

We’ve Got You “Framed” So You Might As Well Shop “Frame Denim” Right Here!


Frame Denim has been on our #trending list for quite a while now. We own and have lived in the Forever Karlie flared high-rise jeans as seen above. "This figure-slimming pair sits high on the waist and is fitted through the hips and thighs". The Forever Karlie flared jeans in my opinion...make you look skinnier. (I'll try anything) Although we've blogged about Frame Denim since … [Read more...]

Hard to Believe that Dumping Icy Cold Water on Your Head Could Be So Chilling & Fun!!!!


Actually it was a lot of fun!!!! (I've never seen anything like this) The reason I say "fun" is because in all the videos I've watched there's been laughter, screaming, jumping up and down, chills, teamwork and more! The "dunkers" and the "participants" were having tons of fun raising awareness for ALS. Many were chilled, perfectly coiffed hair was ruined, clothes soaked and … [Read more...]

Shop Our Latest Whimsical Craze…Edie Parker’s Fabulousness in a Box


Enjoy "FABULOUSNESS" in a box! (back to using our made-up word!!!!) We're having so much fun shopping our latest bag craze. We've been featuring Edie Parker Clutches on A Few Goody Gumdrops for the past two years! Brett Heyman the founder and designer of Edie Parker bags has so many whimsical looks you'll love. The shapes are simple with super fun motifs. We especially love the … [Read more...]

Just What is Normcore? It’s Exactly How Betsy Dresses Everyday!


Normcore is the new term used to describe the new normal of dressing. It's so me and we're beyond thrilled this casual look is the "in" way to dress. We've been doing this for years!!! They probably had me in mind when "coming up" with this new terminology. I love it. This is how we roll (out of bed) everyday...jeans, sneakers, oversized tops and sweatshirts!!!!!! The trick is … [Read more...]

Betsy Loves to Shop on AFGG


We're making shopping so easy on A Few Goody Gumdrops. Go to and start shopping. Be sure to check out the latest fall pieces and summer sales. Woohoo....we've selected our favorite places to shop. If you'd like us to add a store just email us and we'll gladly add it to this amazing mix! All you need to do is click the stores under the heading: BETSY … [Read more...]

The Eyes Have It!


From Fendi Leather Monster Boots to false eyelashes...the eyes have it! The eye motif is the winning design this season. It's not about the head, shoulders, knees and's about the whimsical, quirky, angry, winking or playful eye from Fendi, Chrissie Morris, Nicholas Kirkwood (purchased from the shoes princess, the gorgeous Sara at Bergdorf Goodman), Pierre Hardy, … [Read more...]