RAILS x DSquared2 Denim=Effortless “Normcore” So Roll Up Those Sleeves!


Comfy flannel tops are the best example of easy "normcore" style. Normcore is the "new normal" of dressing. Really no different than WE'VE been dressing for years. Just "breathing new life" into an already existing style of dressing and new term for the fashion industry. It's basically comfy and casual pieces...lightweight flannel shirts with ripped or patched jeans. I'm all … [Read more...]

Ready for “Cool” Isabel Marant Etoile & The Normcore Trend


The other day we excitedly explained the new term/trend "normcore" to our readers. Normcore is setting the style and we're thrilled! To refresh your memory...normcore is used to describe the "new normal" of dressing...looking cool while maintaining a comfy everyday style. You're basically looking fashionable without really trying. The trick is not to look sloppy in comfy … [Read more...]

Just What is Normcore? It’s Exactly How Betsy Dresses Everyday!


Normcore is the new term used to describe the new normal of dressing. It's so me and we're beyond thrilled this casual look is the "in" way to dress. We've been doing this for years!!! They probably had me in mind when "coming up" with this new terminology. I love it. This is how we roll (out of bed) everyday...jeans, sneakers, oversized tops and sweatshirts!!!!!! The trick is … [Read more...]

In the Swing Of Things with Prada’s Peep Toe Bootie


I'm chompin at the bit for these dark brown suede booties with the stiletto heel. The past three years, the Prada shoe collection has done nothing for me. Have barely looked. This season's collection has really caught my eye and excitedly so. I'm in love with these fringe boots. I'm sure you know that FRINGE is so big for fall...BANGS (tons of fringe across the forehead) … [Read more...]

We’re Seeing Eye to Eye with Charlotte Olympia’s “QUIRKY” Clutch


From Chrissie Morris, to Fendi to Nichloas Kirkwood to Charlotte Olympia...the eye motif is the design to own this season. We seem to keep featuring posts about the roving, blinking, watchful, wide-open, startled, winking eye. Looks like the tides are a changing, it's not about the "head, shoulder, knees and toes"...this fall it's about the Eye. Charlotte Olympia introduces the … [Read more...]

We’re Kicking Around Valentino’s Ombré Boots


Part of me is still buying spring and summer clothes on sale while the other part is pre-ordering fall. When one bill (summer) is paid another (fall) appears. I'm totally loving these boots for fall. The only problem is when I order fall "too early" I spot so many other things I love. These boots are under serious contemplation! Valentino's Ombre Leather Knee Boots in wine … [Read more...]

It Is SO Easy to Be Green with These Fabulous Military Inspired Pieces!


Kermit The Frog's plaint, “it’s not easy being green,” most certainly does not ring true this fall season. In fact, army green is all the rage, and fashionistas are taking notice. Consider this wonderful green outfit as a template for your fall fashion shopping. 1. Balenciaga Papier Ledger Serpent Hologram Tote Bag. This sumptuous 14-inch by 14-inch by 4.57-inch … [Read more...]

Lace Up Oxfords for Fall: A Sorely Needed Reprieve from Sky High Heels!


Fashion forward women often find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. Rather, more accurately, they're caught between a desire to be trendy and a need to shield their feet and ankles from getting horribly mangled by high heels. Fortunately, in 2013, the Fashion Gods have smiled upon the feet of women everywhere. This autumn, trendsetters the globe over will … [Read more...]

Helmut Lang’s Pre-Fall 2013 Collection on A Few Goody Gumdrops

Helmut Lang Fall 2013

We're so excited to share a smattering of Helmut Lang's exciting pieces for fall 2013. We love the distinct draping and angles that Lang recreates (every season) again this upcoming season. The models clad in basic black make a striking statement in the handsomely designed dresses, pants, jackets and skirts. The sheer pants and tops are perfect for one's feminine side while the … [Read more...]

Haizhen Wang’s “Futuristic” Cutting Edge Fall/Winter 2013 Collection


We recently viewed Haizhen Wang's Fall/Winter 2013 runway show from London Fashion Week. We're absolutely loving Haizhen's refreshingly super modern designs and "futuristic" pieces. Many of the pieces are cut on the bias or severely belted to create extreme dimensions.We're totally impressed with the illusions created by the diagonal layers and drastic lines.The look is … [Read more...]