Anya Hindmarch’s Quirky Evening Clutches


Potato chips just happen to be my ultimate daytime or evening snack...the crunchier and saltier the better. My plate is garnished with them on many a meal. Hindmarch's playful high-shine clutches remind me of my favorite crunchy snack. In my fashionable opinion these potato chip-inspired clutches MISS the mark. They're totally fun but would you carry this PRICEY ($1595.00) … [Read more...]

Unadulterated Lushness: Alexander McQueen’s Metal Flower Box Clutch – a Feast for the Senses


Remember back in grade school, when you had a special lunch box that boasted almost a totemic quality? Maybe it was a My Little Pony lunchbox or your older brother's Transformers lunchbox, which he deigned to let you borrow. In any event, you loved carrying it. Somehow, it made even your PB&J taste better. Few “adult” bags come close to evoking similarly passionate … [Read more...]

A Sneak Peek At Judith Leiber’s Overture Collection


As we promised we are featuring Judith Leiber's Overture Collection today. We're sharing a sampling of these fabulous evening bags ranging in price from $295 to $995. In August, Judith Leiber will launch her first-ever contemporary handbag collection. So many of us have admired Leiber's crystal minaudieres but unfortunately the bags were unaffordable. (My favorite is the … [Read more...]

Loving Paco Rabanne’s Mink Bag!


This fall/winter every chic fashionista needs to own one fur accessory! We love Paco Rabanne's Iconic Knitted Mink Bag in black! "The accessory" is a key piece for this season. We really go for accessories that are timeless and can be worn season after season. When a bag is this special and so cool it can be worn forever. Thankfully, I kept my Maud Frizon leopard gloves from … [Read more...]