Trapper-Inspired Hats Are The Rage!


Now that winter's here, it's time for Eugenia Kim's black or light blue rabbit fur Owen Trapper Hat. The trapper hats provide the ultimate warmth especially for those who walk to work (a warming necessity) and it can be mighty cold out there. Trapper hats have always been a fashion-favorite on the ski slopes. Keeps the ears, forehead and head totally warm. Lately, I've been … [Read more...]

Getting an Earful with Eugenia Kim


"Weather" we like it or not winter's here! It's windy, chilly, frigid temps, cold air blowing in our I need to continue? Thankfully, we've got you covered....with Eugenia Kim's knit hats. No better way to brave the cold than with a chunky ribbed knit Eugenia Kim beanie with cat ears or pom poms. We've been scooping about Eugenia Kim beanies for the last few years. … [Read more...]

Four Ridiculously Fun Lanvin Pieces: Ostriches, Rabbits and More!


It’s time to get a little rambunctious on this fashion blog. Let's take a quick tour of four amazing fashion confections prepared by the always-creative artisans at Lanvin. Lanvin’s Rabbit Fur Felt Hat First on the docket, we have Lanvin’s Rabbit Fur Felt Hat with chain hatband. It’s a safe bet that Elmer Fudd would have loved to turn Bugs into a beautiful 100% rabbit … [Read more...]

Fendi’s Fuzzy Eye-Catching Monster Cap!


"Hats off to Fendi" with a few hashtags thrown in...#instafluffy #instacute #instacool #instawant. Whatever your style, there's a Fendi monster bag, key chain/bag charm or knit-cap waiting for you. How adorable is Fendi's ribbed-knit cashmere Monster hat trimmed in fox, mink and shearling ??? This eye-catching (no pun intended) fuzzy monster cap is patiently waiting for late … [Read more...]

Add a Little “Spring” to Your Wardrobe with Pucci’s Latest Treasures


Designer Emilio Pucci has been busy crafting and marketing some very cool artistic works. Let’s examine four Pucci pieces that might be right for your spring wardrobe. (Don't worry -- soon enough, you will be able to once again wear fun hats and carry flirty bags without fearing that you'll drop them into slush and ruin them instantly.) Let’s take a look at these … [Read more...]

It’s Time to Stay “Warm” Looking “Cool” with Eugenia Kim Beanies


Where I live it's starting to get cold...temperature's are dropping and quickly. It's the perfect time for a comfy, cute and warm hat. We've rounded up four more fashion-favorites from Eugenia Kim's fabulous beanie collection. Colorful hats are much more exciting on a bleak and dreary cold day and will perk up any boring black puffer especially the Marley Slouch Hat in neon … [Read more...]

How To Wear a Eugenia Kim Beanie


Our model wears the Eugenia Kim Felix ribbed beanie just perfectly...pulled way down over her forehead, showcasing her eyes and keeping her head nice and warm. Eugenia Kim's light gray chunky wool hand-knit beanie with the little cat ears is this season's fashion-favorite cap. It combines warmth, comfort and style especially as the temperatures get colder. If you walk to work a … [Read more...]

It’s Beanie & Hot ChocolateTime!


It's time to brave the chilly weather in a warm beanie! Playful alpaca beanies can make the cold weather fun...sort of. At least you can look cute walking to work in a warm and cozy Eugenia Kim beanie. My daughter has been wearing Eugenia Kim beanies for years and "occasionally" adds one to her collection especially when the weather starts to turn cold and windy.These knit caps … [Read more...]

Hats off to Kate Moss for Looking So Fab in Hats!


The Headwear Association recently named Kate Moss, Hat Person of the Year! Congratulations to Kate Moss, who looks fashionably chic (my favorite phrase), stylish and totally cool in every kind of brim! Kate's well known for her love of hats and her often-imitated London street style is legendary. Whether her look is cool, sexy or edgy, Kate rocks the hat trend with … [Read more...]

Getting Super Crazy! Few Can Pull Off This Saint Laurent Paris Silk Georgette Bow Shirt: Are You One of Them?


Just how daring are you, fashion wise? Do you have the body, the will -- the chutzpah -- to pull off this Saint Laurent Paris silk georgette bow shirt? Only a French fashion house could dream up this puffy sleeved creation. With its double layered front plastron, silk georgette bow and semi large floppy hat, it could easily be mistaken for a witch’s Halloween costume. Don’t … [Read more...]