Has Success Gone to Charlotte Olympia’s Feet?


While reviewing Charlotte Olympia’s shoe collection I had to share (what I personally think are) some of the worst looking shoes for this upcoming season. The Kitty Cat slipper, (absolutely hate cats) while hardly a favorite of mine, now features the Tessa Cat-Face with a gigantic platform wedge and ankle strap, the next shoe, the Gigi Fringe Wedge Sandal looks like a shredded bathroom rug with a clown’s nose, the next shoe, the Dolly Rainbow Feathered Pump looks like it was inspired by the 1980’s doll “Rainbow Brite”, the next shoe, the Birds of Paradise Cage Heel Sandal is laughable (what’s in the cage?) and so on! These shoes have a cartoonish flair with a unbalanced appearing platform.

The platform on most of these shoes is ridiculous and almost unwearable looking. I truly can not look at one pair of these shoes and say, “they’re gorgeous” or they’re “must-haves”. The heels are sky high, the design ( in my opinion…hideous) totally unsexy and very pricey to boot! (no pun intended or maybe it was!) Some designers take pride in seeing how outlandish they can become along with a incredibly high price tag. Let’s see if these “HEAD TURNERS” actually sell. If you must-have click the link to indulge! Let us know what you buy, if you’ve stopped traffic and if you can actually walk in these shoes!

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