The Best New Collection from Inverni…Bold Colors and Details!

Hard to believe it’s time to start thinking about fall and winter hats. Although this is the season for pom poms, it’s a trend we’ve seen for a while. What’s new for Inverni besides the pom poms are the vibrant colors, two-tone fur pom poms and (finally) new bold colors as featured above: the bright green beanie with the wide fold-over rim with a black pom pom, the hot pink wide ribbed beanie, the bright blue beanie, purple cashmere beanie with a raccoon  pom pom, the grey wide ribbed beanie, neutral cashmere beanie with a single pom pom, navy cashmere-wool blend beanie with two-tone pom pom and of course an instant sell out, the navy wide ribbed beanie. The last few years I’ve shared Inverni hats, but it’s been the same-old-same old colors and styles.  Sooooo…we’re so excited to share the best new ribbed cashmere hats!

Many of us start wearing warm beanies in November as the air starts to get colder, and keeping our ears warm is a top priority. Essentially it’s goodbye to cold ears and head. These hats look fab with a long black, gray or camel cashmere coat and winter’s warm puffer. Is it too early to buy the latest style beanie? Nope! Is it too early to start wearing the pom pom beanie? Yes!

Nothing adds a pop to a rather drab coat or a jacket than a bright color hat with a fun pom pom. I have more Inverni beanies than truly needed. I  love beanies and consider them must-haves especially for the upcoming chilly season.”The Italian label fuses creative styling with expert artisanship”. Ready to indulge Inverni beanies? Click the purple links to shop. Your ears will thank you!

Betsy Brown
Betsy Brown

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