Furry Fabulousness…Are They For You?

Pet or Shoe


Shoes that look like pets have been in style for awhile. The black boot and heel were introduced by Pierre Hardy in 2008, and the look amazed me. The fur on the shoes looked like a bad hair day, or a furry pet was growing or living on the shoe. If I’d seen these shoes coming towards me, I’d have headed to the nearest exit. They freaked me out. Are they alive was the big question? I tend toward funky shoes and the latest cool trends, but I’m leaning away from these hairy looks. Mason Margiela’s latest long furry Alpaca boot totally looks like a pet rather than a boot not to mention how dirty it will get after “one wearing” on the streets of NYC. These furry critters are not for everyone, but they continue to be the rage. I always say if you find a furry shoe that you love grab it!!!! Certainly, makes a warm statement.

The latest shoe to come down the furry trail is the Gucci slide. These shoes were introduced last year with little fanfare but have become a must-have this season. The slides also come without fur for the less daring. Do you have the guts to wear these furry pet-like shoes? What about the zebra heels with the swinging goat hair tail? That’s really bizarre. I hemmed and hawed over the black slides with the rose design and the furry inside and felt sort of silly and opted for the plain rose slides. Of course, I debated and eventually bought the zebra style slides with the black fur. I haven’t taken them out of the box yet, so that’s not a good sign for me. The final decision is still up in the air.The flame slides with fur is one of the hottest (no pun intended) sellers. The black backless loafers with dyed lamb fur are an easier pair to wear, while the gold metallic is just fun. You can go bright, too! Click any of the purple links or the actual images to indulge these fur lined shoes. FYI…if you’re interested you can get the black leather fur lined Gucci heels for $1100.00. Let me know your choice or choices! Unfortunately of fortunately Pierre Hardy one’s are no longer available.


Betsy Brown

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