Catch a Leopard by Its Toe

Leopard fashion featured by popular High end Fashion blogger, A Few Goody Gumdrops

Leopard is my favorite color! Summer has begun its lazy descent into fall, which means seeing warmer textures, colors, and prints on the horizon. Like so many other seasons, fall seems poised to be filled with leopard prints galore. Leopard is no longer considered a wild card or garish animal print; it’s more like an enticing neutral that belongs in any closet. It’s become a seasonless staple. In my closet, you’ll find leopard gloves, print booties, heels, off-the-shoulder shirts, blazers, scarves, jeans, and more! Deciding between the two pairs (seen above) of leopard boots

One of the reasons that designers love leopard so much is because of its versatility. You’re never too young or too old to rock a sophisticated print, just know how to make it work for you. Full-on spandex leopard dresses are a little less playful neutral and a little more Jersey Shore. To stay on the right side of this admittedly thin line, try accessorizing with leopard rather than making an entire outfit out of it. Leopard bags are always “spot” on. (yes, pun intended)

Personally, we like leopard on chic ankle and mid-calf length boots. It conveys just the right amount of cool and the pattern itself compliments a variety of colors and other silhouettes. We love these ultra-cool boots from Balmain, which add sequins to suede, creating the illusion of leopard spots. It makes for a glamorous touch that never feels overdone. How will you rock a leopard print this season? Will you rock leopard booties and jeans? Will you rock a fabulous leopard jacket? Will you rock a leopard trench coat? I will definitely be rocking Balmain’s red print velvet dress

Let us know your thoughts. Remember leopard is the most wearable color! Click the purple links to indulge.


Balmain red print leopard dress

Balenciaga leopard knife boots

Altuzarra leopard print boots

Shrimps faux-fur leopard coat

Balenciaga stretch leopard jacquard dress

Francesco Leopard Boots

Maison Benoit leopard handbag

Frame leopard jeans

Leopard notched collar coat

Leopard trench coat

Adam Kosloff
Adam Kosloff

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