Saks Potts Coats–Love Them or Hate Them?

Saks Potts Coats–Love Them or Hate Them?

Fashion trends come and go. Some we’re sad to see leave, while we give others a cheery wave on the way out of our closets (we’re looking at you, overalls). While this year has seen a resurgence of ’90s grunge style–think acid-washed jeans, plaid, and undone hairstyles–there is another trend arriving on the scene.

On Trend… or on the Way Out?

The Saks Potts line of fanciful coats is on trend–so much so, we can’t see them standing the test of time. They come in an array of candy-coated hues, from cotton candy pink to traffic cone orange. This number, made of dyed leather and lamb’s fur, is like something out of a Disney movie. If Cruella De Ville stylings are your thing, you might want to assign a place for this one in your closet. However, critics might scoff that $1,300 seems a steep price to pay for something you could pick up at your local Halloween store.

If the trend catches your eye, we suggest dipping into it with a fur-trimmed coat like this one. It still has the kitsch appeal of the furry number, but it’s paired with a classic silhouette and neutral leather. There’s a better chance that it will last the season before the trend goes again. Some fabulous choices: the light blue plush fur, the orange curly shearling, the Tibetian lamb coat with the red and white collar, the fluffy shearling jacket with contrasting black, brown and pink, the black jacket with the chestnut brown collar and the sky blue sleeves,  lastly, the brown coat with pastel pink and orange. Click any of the purple links or the actual images to indulge.

Adam Kosloff

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