Island Style: What To Wear On The Beach

Choosing the Best Shoes, Clothes, & Accessories
for the Beach Life!


If you want to live the island life, the first thing you need to do is get outfitted for the lifestyle. But not just any outfit will do. Choosing the best UGG boots for sale will set you up to live that relaxed, breathing-in-the-ocean-air feeling–even when you’re on your way to work.

Here are some of the options for you and your family to consider when deciding on your clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

Clothing for the Whole Family

Just as in the mainland life, there is a variety of island-style clothing options to think about when preparing your beach inspired closet.

  • Tops: Whether you want the classic tee shirt, a cool tank top or a slightly more formal polo shirt, you can top off your island style in whichever shirt you would like. Assorted colors and a multitude of designs help you choose the style most closely matching your personality. You can even get that favorite style in a couple of different colors and match your island tee to your current activity.
  • Bottoms: Don’t worry, your bottom line is covered too, with everything from underwear and boxers to shorts and pants. And yes, of course, don’t forget your in-the-water-wear. Swim trunks are a necessity for island life and boardshorts make the surfer life comfortable and convenient.
  • Dresses: Ladies, you understand the need for a comfortable dress that leaves you cool in the sun but beautiful on the town. When you’re outfitting your closet, don’t forget to add a dress or two to round out the look.

Accessorize from Head to Toe

Once you’ve decided on the clothing you will wear, don’t forget to add in what’s on your head and your feet: hats, visors, and shoes. (And for good measure, add in the accessories that really meet your overall beach needs.)

  • Hats and Visors: Of course, you should be sure you have all of the visors and hats you need. Stay protected from the sun’s rays and shield your eyes to best take in a full view of the ocean from your spot on the beach. Choosing the right style comes down to finding the color and design that clearly expresses your personality.
  • Shoes: With options from sandals to clogs to mules to boat shoes, you won’t want to skimp on the choices for protecting your feet and allowing you to love your island style life, one step at a time.
  • Accessories: No island wardrobe is complete without belts, bags, watches, swim fins and more. Be prepared for any beach occasion. And don’t forget what may be the most important surf lifestyle accessory of all: a variety of sunglasses, so your eyes are always shaded, whatever the occasion.


Whether you’re simply taking a quick trip to the beach or planning to live there forever, being prepared for your surf lifestyle with the proper clothes, shoes, and accessories is a must. Get a beach chair from and consider all of your options and round out your wardrobe with everything your island heart needs.

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