The Ultimate Valentino Backpack!

While VALENTINO bags and shoes still continue to be in a class of their own…the latest bag is BEYOND! Beyond what, I’m sure you’re asking yourselves.The bag, called the Guitar Rockstud Medium Backpack features none other than two multi-colored embroidered, flat leather shoulder straps, reminiscent of the guitar straps we used to buy when we took guitar lessons ages ago. What makes this even more stunning and so special are the multicolored cabochons that adorn the bag along with Valentino’s signature studding details. With all the embellishments the bag continues to be elegant in its blush leather color without being jazzy. I love the pairing of the simple blush color with the colored stones and studs. I wouldn’t wear the backpack as shown in the first photo….too contrived and looks like you’re going off to school. (been there done that) I’d wear the bag hanging over one shoulder (as seen in the second photo)….definitely looks cool. The neutral color bag and style work with anything in your closet (except cocktail and black tie). Pairs great with cropped tomboy jeans, this season’s cropped silk-crepe wide leg pants or wide leg trousers. This totally irresistible bag reigns in over four thousand dollars. Yes, it’s pricey (an investment piece) but Mother’s Day is around the corner! Oh…go for it!!! Better yet, let your hubby, significant other or boyfriend get it for you. It’s so easy to shop on AFGG. Click the purple links or the images to indulge. The backpack is available in black grained leather with turquoise cabochons and studding details. You can’t go wrong with either color.

Betsy Brown

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