Fornasetti Rocks a Pom-Pom Hat!


I’ve featured Fornasetti’s edgy (decor) plates, candles, pillows and wastebaskets on my blog and Instagram numerous times. Either people love them, or they don’t. There’s definitely a cult following for those who love and collect this decor. As I’ve previously written…the designs began with the face of one woman (opera star and good sport, Lina Cavalieri ), and she’s depicted in many of the pieces.59b280e101a96ac44a1e9e42912507e6 Some are flattering, and some are not. (Hey, we all have our good and bad days, too) I have them scattered throughout my house on tables and shelves. I’m one of those who can’t get enough Fornasetti pieces. My husband’s…”enough already”. The plates are mainly black and white patterns and recently gold (more $$) has been added to many of the designs. Very cool! We especially love Face and Key and Woman with a Butterfly. I featured the black and white plate with the “not so typical” pom-pom hat because it’s relatively new and it’s eaxctly how I’m feeling these days……..FRRRREEEEZING and the need to keep my face covered from the wind and blowing snow!

The Melting Face Plate is one plate I don’t find flattering. I agree, some are quite “bizarro”. However, if you’re feeling the chilly vibe click the green link to shop Women with a Pom-Pom Hat. Click any of the green links to indulge more plates, candles, trays and more! FYI…there are other patterns and designs on the candles, trays, vases, etc…In my opinion…you need at least one Fornasetti accessory on a shelf or end table!!! (I’m sure you’ll be hooked after that!)

What do you think of this one? (seen below) Definitely a conversation piece! I’m always intrigued to see Fornasetti’s latest designs. (The company has been under the direction of his son Barnaba Fornasetti since his dad, Piero’s passing) Be sure and view the collection!501822347_product_1

Betsy Brown

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