Dr. Martens Get Edgy With Tattoo Printed Leather


Had to repost the article from yesterday, this time featuring the white Dr. Martens. The question is quickly becoming...the white or the black printed tattoo boots??? It's definitely a hard choice. Personally, the white has a drop more pop....more traffic stopping!  Whatever you're wearing will look totally on trend with either color. Years ago everyone...kids and adults … [Read more...]

A Blast from The Past…Dr. Martens Follows In His Footsteps


Years ago everyone...kids and adults (mostly kids) had to have Dr. Martens affectionately known as Doc Martens. If you didn't you were behind the eight ball...probably shouldn't have even shown up at school. I remember I had burgundy Docs that I wore with rolled jeans and short skirts with tights. If you had Docs...you had it going on and you knew you were ultra-cool. (my son … [Read more...]

Fast Forward with Pierre Hardy…Somethings Never Change…Pet or Sneaker???


It wasn't too long ago that I wrote a post titled Pet or Shoe and Cousin of The Pet or Shoe. The shoes in question were designed by the infamous Pierre Hardy. Fast Forward to fall 2014 and now there's Hardy's athletically chic sneaker adorned with his "signature" fur ball (again) but now it's on the comfy all around rubber-sole sneaker. I'm totally into the sneaker phase. … [Read more...]

Delicious Boots from Valentino, Pierre Hardy, Gianvito Rossi and Manolo Blahnik to Stomp Your Way into Summer


The solstice has arrived, and summer fashions are ablaze...especially for fall. So stomp your way into summer fun (but not into the pool!) with these luscious, sexy boots from Manolo Blahnik, Gianvito Rossi, Valentino and Pierre Hardy. Let’s split 'em up and take 'em one by one. Manolo Blahnik Pascalare These stretched suede pointed-toe knee boots feature tonal … [Read more...]

We’re Kicking Around Valentino’s Ombré Boots


Part of me is still buying spring and summer clothes on sale while the other part is pre-ordering fall. When one bill (summer) is paid another (fall) appears. I'm totally loving these boots for fall. The only problem is when I order fall "too early" I spot so many other things I love. These boots are under serious contemplation! Valentino's Ombre Leather Knee Boots in wine … [Read more...]

“Kiss Me Betsy” Ankle Bootie from Charlotte Olympia


While I don't think this bootie was named after me....ya never know! The Charlotte Olympia "Kiss Me Betsy" Ankle Bootie in black and red is the perfect whimsical bootie especially for Valentine's day! This adorable bootie features embroidered kisses all over the boot, a pointy toe, a sky-high heel and a back zip with Olympia's signature spider web. Even if your name isn't Betsy … [Read more...]

Hunter rag & bone Military Inspired Rain Boots are Perfect for Rainy Days


Seems like everyone from rag & bone to Hunter Boots are jumping on the military trend which we happen to think is very cool. The collaboration of these two forces have created a stylish military look with the classic Hunter rain boot. The rag & bone rain boots are perfect for splashing in the rain, jumping through puddles or walking through slushy snow.  They're so … [Read more...]

Saint Laurent Ankle Booties Will Steal The Spotlight!


Looking for a bootie that will give you a real kick? Look no further if you want chic, edgy and ultra cool! Saint Laurent's 120MM Paris Belted Pointed Boots are the perfect boots for leather leggings, leather skirts, dresses, jeans and anything Saint Laurent. The boots featured below have the flat heel but I just wanted to share how cool the look is with this season's hottest … [Read more...]

Splish Splash with Valentino’s Studded Rubber Rain Boots!


Seems like we've been needing rain boots more than sandals this season. Valentino's latest tone on tone rubber studded rain boots are perfect for splish-splashing and puddle jumping. Yes...they do look very similar to Christian Louboutin's spikey heels...which we proudly purchased in bright yellow. (not everything has to be black) Valentino's studded rain boots are perfect … [Read more...]