Natural Lip Colors That Never Go Out of Style!

While every cosmetic “lipstick” line boasts long-lasting moisturizing formula….it’s the lip color that’s most important to us. They pretty much all do the same thing give or take a full mwah on a coffee cup. During the day I love a natural look and Edward Bess lipsticks all have that ultra-natural appeal. Very similar to Armani colors but I decided to try something different. Edward’s colors are super flattering and while recently at the counter in Bergdorf Goodman’s underground make-up floor I bought four which is even an all time high for me!

The colors I bought are featured right here…Blushed Orchid, Desert Escape, Island Blossom and Demi Buff. All the colors are very natural looking and you’ll love how they feel. At night I use Bess’ Defining Lip Liner to enhance the color just a bit. “Edward’s universally flattering lip wardrobe reflects his vision for understated chic that never goes out of style”. Click the link to indulge and be sure to view the entire collection.


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