Lightweight & Stylish Anoraks For Those Not-So-Hot Summer Nights!


When I daydream about the sunny summer days ahead, I pretty much only picture cloudless skies, hot (but not quite sweltering) weather, the occasional cool breeze, poolside margaritas… you know, the good stuff! But let’s face it – real summer isn’t always hot, sunny, cloudless, and jacket-free. It’s a good idea to be realistic about your summer expectations and stock up on at least one staple jacket for the season ahead (c’mon, do I really need to convince you to go shopping?). Otherwise, when that odd chilly day or freak summer downpour does arrive, you’ll be stuck in nothing but your swimsuit, or worse, be forced to throw on a winter coat! The summer-friendly anorak is the perfect happy medium when you’re looking for a lightweight extra layer that won’t leave you sweating. With season-appropriate details like adjustable sleeves, detachable hoods, and on-trend pops of color, these hot-weather jackets will actually help you look forward to summer in its glory (and not just the daydream-worthy parts) without dragging you down! Thanks to our friends from TheFind for sharing these goodies with us!


  1. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I love your choices, Betsy. I have been living in mine this week while visiting Chicago. It was a clearance rack gem from GAP for around $10!

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