Now This is Top Shelf


When we think of Top Shelf most of us think of the best liquor. When a fashionista thinks of Top Shelf…this is more like it! Every size and shape orange box saved in our closet is placed on #TheTopShelf.
Lots of time and decision making into the contents of each of these “coveted” boxes. (and some begging)

Not sure why we’re saving them. Can’t imagine actually filling them up again…yet there is a reason we don’t toss them out. If you figure that out…you must let me know.They’re taking up a majority of my closet that could actually be used for other goodies lying all over the floor. Yup…those who know me…know there’s quite a life on the floor of my closet. Some of you have even offered to organize my closet. #too-embarrassed Give me a reason to fling the boxes in the recycle bin or tell me…you can never have too many orange boxes!

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  1. tina says

    hi betsy! let me just say that i love your site and all of your fun posts.

    as for your box dilemma, i know how you feel. saving the gorgeous packaging from your luxe purchases can be overwhelming! i only have one such box–from LV–but your ‘top shelf’ is loaded! i would suggest re purposing them–maybe to hold jewelry or cosmetics. pinterest is my inspiration for things like this. don’t feel guilty about tossing the rest, especially as they are taking up so much space.

    or, you could always do a fun giveaway of a few orange boxes to your loyal subbies 😉

    have a great week!

    • says

      Tina, thanks for your compliments and I’m so glad you enjoy reading my blog! Your suggestions are great. Already, had readers email me for boxes! Maybe I will do a giveaway. It’s a thought.My closet would be so empty but it’s a possibility! Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas with AFGG! We do have some giveaways coming up…so stay tuned. xoxo, Betsy

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