Need I Say More???? The Best Chocolates for Valentine’s Day on A Few Goody Gumdrops!


Shall we moan over this yummy box of chocolate Valentine’s Day Candy? As you know, candy is one of our favorite subjects! We can’t do this write up any justice so we’ll it leave it to zChocolates but we can chomp away on a few chocolate hearts as you read this. “Romantic zBox filled with 42 French Chocolates”Indulge their every chocolate fantasy with the Romantic zBox 42 – a chic and modern ballotin choice combining the finesse of texture and color as its black matte look harmonizes with the tenderness of a white heart shower mosaic adorning the lid of the box. Containing 3 dreamy assortment trays including a 12-piece assortment of our voluptuous heart-shaped pieces declined in a quartet of dark, milk, white and red couvertures and our 2 most popular traditional and exotic assortments- combining the entity of our numbered collection. Be sure to sign this love-note and customize the gift with a personal diamond-engraving of your message affixed to the box.” CLICK THE LINK TO INDULGE!


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