Getting Super Crazy! Few Can Pull Off This Saint Laurent Paris Silk Georgette Bow Shirt: Are You One of Them?


Just how daring are you, fashion wise? Do you have the body, the will — the chutzpah — to pull off this Saint Laurent Paris silk georgette bow shirt?

Only a French fashion house could dream up this puffy sleeved creation. With its double layered front plastron, silk georgette bow and semi large floppy hat, it could easily be mistaken for a witch’s Halloween costume. Don’t take that as a put down. In point of fact, the strangeness of the outfit is the whole point! The bagginess, the showiness of the hat, the curiously revealing fabric…they’re all totally purposeful.

In case it wasn’t crystal clear, this is an attention getting vehicle.
Some woman use quirky fashion to toy with other people’s expectations to get them to take notice.To carry off this outfit, you need to believe in yourself. You must embrace risk (and perhaps even ridicule) for the chance at achieving a kind of sartorial epicness that most “normal” woman will never come close to reaching in their lifetimes.Even if you haven’t arrived yet at your perfect body — and even if you’ve yet to net and marry a Cordovan prince, sell your own perfume company or win a bevy of Golden Globe awards…you can still aspire to Sunset Boulevard grandeur today.

Fake it before you make it, they say.
All kidding aside… how we present ourselves has repercussions for how the world views us and for how we view ourselves. So don’t be afraid to be dashing, a little bit daring, even a little bit crazy with some of your fashion choices.You only go around on this crazy ride we call life once. So when life presents you the opportunity to don an enormous hat and flaunt what you’ve got, the question you absolutely must ask yourself is… “why NOT?” Click the link to indulge!  (is this yours for the taking, K.S?)

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