To Trend or Not To Trend? Will You Rock Grey Lipstick in 2013?

Chanel-Iman-and-Keha-with-grey-lipstickMAC-Grey-Friday-Lipstick-391x600As we scooped about grey lipstick earlier this month we wondered if you would truly wear this unflattering color. Our stylish friend Ehmonie from the blog What’s Haute shared this color with us recently. While we love all things “new and trendy” we’re having a hard time wrapping our arms around this trend. When we think of grey we think of men’s suits, cashmere sweaters, overcast skies, house paint and nail polish….not lipstick!

First of all….there’s no lip liner to be worn with grey unless you use a contrasting color like a black eye pencil. I even tried wearing a shiny clear gloss over Mac’s Grey Friday and it looked ghoulish on my lips. It was so Morticia Addams, not to mention how hard it was to track down this lipstick. I guess what we’re saying is…not every trend works no matter how enticing the models look in the ads. In “real life” some of today’s trends are for the runways, magazines, photo sessions and cover photos.

I still occasionally wear my black Sinner Shine gloss from Poppy Queen (the 2009 craze) which presents as slightly mauve and not real black so it works. We’ve been so conditioned to jump on the latest trend no matter how ridiculous! We resolve in 2013 not to rock a trend because it’s just that. Will you be wearing this trend or leave it behind with 2012?


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