Goyard’s New Color Is ?????


A few weeks ago we shared Goyard’s exciting news. They were getting ready to introduce their new handbag color to their iconic selection. Most people including AFGG thought the new color was purple. We were wrong! The new color that Goyard just introduced is GREY. The perfect color to compliment the latest grey lipstick craze. (Mac’s Grey Friday)

Goyardine will be available in grey in all Goyard boutiques this month. We think grey is the perfect choice for Goyard. Grey is softer than black and probably works with so much in your wardrobe. There bags are so easy to carry, light on your shoulder and wear amazingly well. In the last few years grey has become a sophisticated staple color. Goyard bags are forever so it is well worth the investment. It’s the only way to tote your goodies around! Be sure to read Goyard’s full article…In Praise of Grey.


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