It’s time to claim your initial. Jennifer Meyer’s 18k yellow gold initial necklaces are a fashion favorite of mine and of course, I wear the initial B. (remember I got it for mother’s day a few years back) I never take it off. It’s simple with it’s dazzling white pave diamonds. The gold charm hangs just perfectly alone or layered with another Jennifer Meyer initial or design.The more the merrier especially with jewelry!!!!

I’m hoping for another initial! What I truly love about Meyer’s diamond initial necklaces are the design, the simplicity and the wearability. If you’re as “charmed” by Jennifer Meyer’s dazzling initial necklaces as I am then click the link to indulge. Be sure to view the entire collection. The wishbone necklace with or without the diamonds is totally fab!


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      Thank you, Joanne. I own the Jennifer Meyer initial B necklace and thought they looked the same. Thanks for the heads up! I changed the picture of the necklaces which I replaced from my affiliates site. xo, Betsy

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