Lavender, Verbena or Both?


Recently I received an email from an online Gumdrops shopper. She said, “Betsy, I always love all the cosmetics (shadows, glosses, polishes and more) that you blog about. The products you write about are so different (green lipstick, gray lipstick, yellow polish), and I totally love the lines that you share. I hadn’t heard of Charlotte Tilbury or Illamasqua makeup before reading your blog. I’m wondering what your favorite soap is. Can you share in a post?” What a great email for me to receive! I “love” that my readers write me and tell me what they think. So cool! I hope you like my (soap) selection as much as I do.

My favorite soap??? That’s a no brainer! I’m a L’Occitane shopper, and I’m obsessed with their soap. My fave’s being Verbena and Lavender. They smell incredible, and your body has such a clean (feel-good) scent after using them. They’re my must-have soap! I truly recommend L’Occitane soap for everyone in your family. I have a bar in every soap dish and shower in my house. The smell that permeates through my bathrooms is delicious. Having been to a lavender farm a few years ago (that was an inspiring experience), I’m hooked on that scent. Since I can’t choose between Lavender and Verbena, I buy bars of each in different sizes including the travel size. Having worked with L’Occitane a few years back, I became familiar with many of their products that I continue to think are exceptional and reasonably priced. Guess what??? You can now shop L’Occitane right here. Click my instagram feed, the purple links or the actual images to indulge. You’re definitely going to need more soap dishes! Runner-up soap…..Lait Shea Butter.



Betsy Brown
Betsy Brown

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