Laura Mercier’s All Over Face Colour Brush


There are makeup brushes then there’s Laura Mercier’s All Over Face Colour Brush. (probably the best make-up tool ever!) This limited edition all-over-face-color-brush is a must have. The perfect oversize brush for powdered bronzer, loose powder and powdered blush. “The brush is perfectly tapered for shimmering colour”. Love using a large brush to sweep the color all over the face and cheeks. Definitely a make-up tool you’ll want to add to your collection especially for today’s on-the-go look. Even looks good on your vanity! Click the purple link to indulge this incredible leopard-looking Kabuki style brush. The all-over-brush is pricey (what do expect from AFGG???) but you’ll have it forever. Lucky for you…it’s in stock and ready to hit your cheeks! Be sure to SHOP THE POST to view Mercier’s brush collection and brush cleanser.


Betsy Brown

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