Four Ridiculously Fun Lanvin Pieces: Ostriches, Rabbits and More!


It’s time to get a little rambunctious on this fashion blog. Let’s take a quick tour of four amazing fashion confections prepared by the always-creative artisans at Lanvin.

Lanvin’s Rabbit Fur Felt Hat

First on the docket, we have Lanvin’s Rabbit Fur Felt Hat with chain hatband. It’s a safe bet that Elmer Fudd would have loved to turn Bugs into a beautiful 100% rabbit Italian made hat, just like this. It features a gold-plated brass chain hatband — a terrific companion piece to the V-neck dress we’re about to cover…

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Fluid Viscose Satin Top

This French made splendiferous top features short sleeves, a V-cut back panel, and ruffled back panels. It pairs well with accoutrements like the Rabbit Fur Felt hat and sexy full length gloves. The top could make you the envy of French movie starlets… but you have to have the right personality and level of panache to carry off the look. Not for the faint of heart! But potentially devastatingly sexy.

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Lanvin’s Lapin Fur Felt Hat with Ostrich Feathers

Claim sartorial preeminence with Lanvin’s Lapin Fur Felt hat with ostrich feathers. This bohemian Italian-made hat features 80% lapin and 20% ostrich feather detailing. Again, you need to have a certain poise and self-confidence to pull this hat off without looking ridiculous. But if you hit that sweet spot – if you have a natural flare and a certain degree of fashion credibility – this could be a true piece de resistance to make your wardrobe come alive and soar to new heights, so to speak.

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100% Lambskin Gloves

Complete the look, devastatingly, with 100% lambskin gloves. Long, silky and with button detailing and silk organza appliques, these gloves embody a sensuous style that recall the best fashion efforts of the Flappers from the 1920s. All you’re missing is one of those long cigarette holders, and you’re basically a character in an Oscar Wilde novel.

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Live a little, and explore these delicious fashion flights of fancy today!

Adam Kosloff

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