Iro’s Inspired "Chanel" Jacket Definitely Works!


Now that fall is here, it’s time to buy your Chanel Jacket or is it? For many of us who don’t want to spend $5000 and up, Singer22 is featuring the Iro Jacket. Ok, it’s definitely not Chanel but has that Chanelish look for so much less and it looks great with leather leggings and Joie’s Slow Ride Boots in Caviar. While the jacket does not have the fine detailing, lining, inner chain binding, exceptional fringe edging or sophistication that Chanel has, it does the trick and the price tag is amazing! You can always pair Iro’s Asella Jacket in Black with a Chanel necklace, scarf or bag! You’ll have them wondering! Click the photo to indulge Iro and Joie. Be sure to check out the Iro Collection…some very cute things.

Betsy Brown

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