Enjoy A Chanel Mimosa Anytime of Day!

Obsessively biting your nails? We’ve all done it!

The only thing that prevents it? Obsessively painting and re-painting my fingernails! A fresh coat of nail polish is far too lovely a thing to mar by gnawing away at my nails!

Perfectly suited for the upcoming summer months (and perfectly in time to save my poor nails), the newest trend in the world of nail polish is bright fluorescent colors like this one, Chanel’s Mimosa! The nude, barely-noticeable polishes we’ve all been showing so much attention will be shelved this summer and replaced instead by bright shades like these.

Only Chanel, the brand that defines luxury and glamour would possess the brilliance to name their shade of yellow polish “Mimosa”, after the decadent drink of champagne and orange juice, consumed only by the most fabulous people over breakfast. Mimosa is the perfect bright color to compliment your tan and the sun’s shining rays. It looks lovely and I can’t wait to get my hands on a bottle!

Click the green link to indulge in a bottle! Chanel at Saks Fifth Avenue
A Few Goody Gumdrops wishes to thank guest blogger Alessia from Luello for this eye popping post! Luello.com is an online shopping destination for luxury lifestyle apparel. Luello carries luxury apparel from brands such as William Rast, Rock Revival, J Brand, Sunday Rocks and Zanerobe.

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