Behind Every Josie Marin Lipstick Is A Recyclable Tube!



We’re always on the search for the perfect lipstick and we have draw fulls to prove it! We’ve finally found one that offers it all! Josie Marin’s lipsticks are gorgeous and come in a recyclable tube. So fabulous for the chic and environmentally conscious! The lipstick colors are great while featuring a lip conditioner which contains natural ingredients such as Joba Seed and Coconut Cream to help condition your lips. This lipstick comes in 9 very natural shades. Our favorites are: Flirtatious, Adventurous and Mysterious.

To make your lips feel even better there is no animal testing. View this fabulous site to learn more about Josie Marin Cosmetics. All Josie’s products have a label system explaining what they contain, how they are tested,what is recyclable, fragrance free, toxin free, biodegradable and more. Many of Josie’s products including her lipsticks contain Argan oil which does amazing things for your skin and hair, “it’s use impacts the world in a very positive way. By sourcing our Argan Oil exclusively from the women’s cooperatives, we help support their social and economic welfare and also protect the Argan forests”. How many lipsticks can boast about that! I’d say Josie Marin lipsticks and cosmetics have it all.

Betsy Brown
Betsy Brown

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