Who Doesn’t Love “Friends & Family”


We're so excited about the latest Friends & Family event from Saks Fifth Ave and Saks.com! So many of  our favorite pieces are in this incredible sale. There's so much to see and buy. Are you ready to indulge these fabulous totally on-trend pieces? We are!!! There's so many spring looks that you'll love. Just click the purple links and use the code FRNFAM. So whether you're … [Read more...]

It’s Time to Stay “Warm” Looking “Cool” with Eugenia Kim Beanies


Where I live it's starting to get cold...temperature's are dropping and quickly. It's the perfect time for a comfy, cute and warm hat. We've rounded up four more fashion-favorites from Eugenia Kim's fabulous beanie collection. Colorful hats are much more exciting on a bleak and dreary cold day and will perk up any boring black puffer especially the Marley Slouch Hat in neon … [Read more...]

Ann DeMeulemeester’s Wool Vests and Furs: Warm Winter Extravagances!


Belgian fashion designer, Ann DeMeulemeester, shocked the fashion world this past month with her announcement that she's leaving her eponymous fashion house. But the Jackson Pollock-inspired designer is exiting on a high note, offering two extravagant winter-ready creations: the Kidassia Fur Vest and the Ribbed Knit Wool Vest. Ann D’s monochromatic look typifies her best … [Read more...]

Are You Ready To Rock Some Playful & Comfy Gloves?


Now that winter is almost here, it's time for gloves. Go for a fun color! Gloves are the accessory that should be both warm and colorful. We've rounded up some playful and comfy pairs. Bright colored gloves are sure to liven up a boring black winter coat or puffer. We love great looking nails and are always texting so it was important to find gloves that really fit the bill.We … [Read more...]

Ready to Wear a Eugenia Kim Poodle, Fox or Kitty Scarf as the Temps Drop?


Many of us wear very simple wool or cashmere scarves and snoods during the cold winter months. We've found one scarf that is whimsical, comfy and warm! It's Eugenia Kim's looped bouclé knit poodle scarf. The Fifi Scarf...so affectionately named is made of wool and baby alpaca and drapes so perfectly. How many of you had poodles names Fifi??? The poodle scarf is so soft and cozy … [Read more...]

How To Wear a Eugenia Kim Beanie


Our model wears the Eugenia Kim Felix ribbed beanie just perfectly...pulled way down over her forehead, showcasing her eyes and keeping her head nice and warm. Eugenia Kim's light gray chunky wool hand-knit beanie with the little cat ears is this season's fashion-favorite cap. It combines warmth, comfort and style especially as the temperatures get colder. If you walk to work a … [Read more...]

Get Toasty and Cozy for Winter with Parkas!


The bone chilling winds, sleet, and snows of winter are knocking on the door. Are you ready? If not, now's the perfect time to invest in a MR&MRS FURS mink lined cotton parka, Murmansky & Lapin mini parka, or Murmansky & Lapin reversible parka. Whether you're a stylin’ city girl or an executive who needs to travel to half a dozen frigid cities this winter to close … [Read more...]

It’s Beanie & Hot ChocolateTime!


It's time to brave the chilly weather in a warm beanie! Playful alpaca beanies can make the cold weather fun...sort of. At least you can look cute walking to work in a warm and cozy Eugenia Kim beanie. My daughter has been wearing Eugenia Kim beanies for years and "occasionally" adds one to her collection especially when the weather starts to turn cold and windy.These knit caps … [Read more...]

It Is SO Easy to Be Green with These Fabulous Military Inspired Pieces!


Kermit The Frog's plaint, “it’s not easy being green,” most certainly does not ring true this fall season. In fact, army green is all the rage, and fashionistas are taking notice. Consider this wonderful green outfit as a template for your fall fashion shopping. 1. Balenciaga Papier Ledger Serpent Hologram Tote Bag. This sumptuous 14-inch by 14-inch by 4.57-inch … [Read more...]

Lace Up Oxfords for Fall: A Sorely Needed Reprieve from Sky High Heels!


Fashion forward women often find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. Rather, more accurately, they're caught between a desire to be trendy and a need to shield their feet and ankles from getting horribly mangled by high heels. Fortunately, in 2013, the Fashion Gods have smiled upon the feet of women everywhere. This autumn, trendsetters the globe over will … [Read more...]