Ushering In Fall with Moschino’s Cropped Teddy Bear Sweater


Getting Ready for Fall with Betsy Brown by afewgoodygumdrops featuring Karen Walker. As we begin to say goodbye to Summer (so hard to believe it's almost over) and usher in Fall and it's latest are some of my new faves! I'm a huge denim lover, and pair many of my favorites with denim. I wear everything from boyfriend jeans to skinny jeans. Amo's blue jeans in … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for the Weekend with Distressed Skinny Jeans & Some Finishing Touches


Betsy Brown Style by afewgoodygumdrops featuring a mini tote bag! Here's another weekend look that's perfect for fall! I love mixing designer pieces with destroyed denim. As I said in yesterday's post, my outfits are pretty casual given my lifestyle. Unfortunately, that doesn't make them less pricey. Lived in jeans with fabulous accessories is my every day/weekend … [Read more...]

Getting Ready For Fall Featuring Boyfriend Jeans


Betsy Brown Style by afewgoodygumdrops featuring Boyfriend Jeans  My outfits are pretty casual given my lifestyle unfortunately that doesn't make them less pricey. This look is one of my favorite's...casual, comfy and cool. I'm enamored with The Row, Dior, and Valentino! This outfit features my favorite (luxury) designers mixed with distressed denim. We've all become … [Read more...]

My Everyday Look by A Few Goody Gumdrops


My Look by A Few Goody Gumdrops featuring ripped jeans. I only wish I was this skinny and looked as good in my jeans!  Here are some of my favorite "feel-good" "look-good" items for now and the upcoming fall season. I love anything from The Row Collection.Their pieces are so wearable, very cool and truly timeless. The three pieces featured (above) are The Row Shoulder … [Read more...]

Already Obsessed with The Row’s Cashmere Cardigan


One of my all time favorite lines is the "always stylish" Row. (my biggest indulgence) The clothes are simple, incredibly easy to wear and "have a look". Although pricey, many of the pieces can be worn for season's to come and are perfect wardrobe staples. For example...The Row's grey-melange Caro cashmere and silk blend cardigan (seen above) with the longer back is the perfect … [Read more...]

Must-Have Vintage-Inspired Jeans from Amo


In today's day and age, you can never have too many pairs of jeans. However, when it comes right down to it you always have that "one" favorite go-to pair. I have countless pairs in my closet but always gravitate to the pair that are the most comfortable. I'm ready for another pair just like that....comfy and trendy. I totally love these vintage-inspired new arrivals from Amo. … [Read more...]

My Weekend Look!


My weekend outfit by afewgoodygumdrops featuring Stella's skinny jeans, the Row Market Bag, So Kate Louboutin Pumps, Kate Spade Tech Accessory, Jennifer Ouellette Beach Hat, Crop tee, and Karen Walker sunnies! There you have my perfect weekend look....probably minus the neon yellow Louboutin pumps. (subbing  for Golden Goose distressed sneaks). Click the links to indulge. … [Read more...]

Who Wore Asilio’s Top Better? You Know My Pick!


Many of you saw my daughter wearing this eye-catching top on my instagram. I received so many emails asking...where did she buy it and who is the designer. I quickly jumped to the task of finding out all the info. My daughter wore Asilio's Fake Diamonds Crop Top with a black bra similar to the model. It's cropped and looks great paired with a skirt or skort as seen on my … [Read more...]

A.F. VANDEVORST’S Luxe Dangly Top is Stylish & Flattering


How cool is A.F. VANDEVORST'S Pleated Fluid Techno Top with the matching Techno pants? Everything about this outfit is perfect for spring and summer. The style, detailing, and color make this a superb combo for summer vacays, evenings, out and about, and more! What I love about this incredible top is the edgy styling and it's forgiving (drawstring front waistband)...can … [Read more...]