Who Doesn’t Love “Friends & Family”


We're so excited about the latest Friends & Family event from Saks Fifth Ave and Saks.com! So many of  our favorite pieces are in this incredible sale. There's so much to see and buy. Are you ready to indulge these fabulous totally on-trend pieces? We are!!! There's so many spring looks that you'll love. Just click the purple links and use the code FRNFAM. So whether you're … [Read more...]

We’re Loving Alexander Wang Backwards, Forwards and 25% off!


Whether walking backwards, forwards or sideways....Alexander Wang's pieces look great from any angle with lots of cool details. Many of his tops and dresses are even more stylish from the back. Wang's pieces are always cut with an edgy vibe. His outfits look more on trend when paired with his funky bags and shoes that add that extra element of COOL. We're so excited to share … [Read more...]

We’ve Got You “Framed” in The Hottest Denim Jeans for The Happiest Prices!


As you know Shopbop is having an amazing sale and look what we've spotted on sale...numerous styles of Frame Denim.  We're sharing some of our favorite styles and all you need to do is click the blue or purple links, add the jeans to your cart and at CHECKOUT add the code: INTHEFAMILY14. There are so many styles to fit your FRAME. Be sure to check out Frame's "Le Skinny" … [Read more...]

Are You Ready To Shop A Major Sale?


We are!!! There are so many goodies that you'll love. Shopbop is featuring many of our favorite on-trend designers up to 70% off! Now that's something worth "shopping about". A few of our favorite goodies are right here....Brian Atwood's Cutout Booties, Clare Vivier's Striped Oversized Clutch, Rag & Bone Skinny Jeans and Rebecca Minkoff's Amorour Satchel, ...just to name a … [Read more...]

Valentino’s Spring Smorgasbord


It’s no secret: Valentino has really upped their game in last two or three years and put out some truly exquisite products. We’re going to take a little tour of V's eclectic offerings, including three exciting bags and one pair of luscious, sexy sandals. Let’s start with the sandals -- put us in a Spring mood… 16 mm Rock Stud Leather Sandals These 100% calfskin sandals … [Read more...]

Balmain’s Tulle Top is a Real “Gem”


How gorgeous is Balmain's black sheer tulle blouse? Gorgeous enough to fork over almost five thousand dollars? I guess that would depend if you have a secret stash for some very special pieces. So what makes this "gem" worth the money except for the fact that it's encrusted with gems, is gorgeous and oh-so sexy? It's definitely one of those major subtle jeweled pieces that will … [Read more...]

Louboutin’s with Total “BAD-I-TUDE”


The spikiness of Christian Louboutin’s suede or leather ankle boots is outrageous...these shoes practically simmer with drama.You need not be a shoe fetishist to get excited by the bold contours, dynamic shaping, and just general BAD-I-TUDE of these pieces. Louboutin's Guerilla 120 Studded Suede Ankle Boots look like the kind of boots a beautiful country singer might wear while … [Read more...]

Christian Louboutin Spiky Footwear Extravaganza: Pigalle Spikes 100 Leather Pumps, Studded Leather Point-Toe Flats (and Sandals and Boots to Boot!)


The spikiness of Christian Louboutin’s leather pumps, point-toe flats, sandals and ankle boots is delicious -- these shoes practically simmer with drama.You need not be a shoe fetishist to get excited by the bold contours, dynamic shaping, and just general BAD-I-TUDE of these pieces. Let’s break down the specs, so you can “choose your own shoe fashion adventure”... Pigalle … [Read more...]

Stella McCartney’s Lips, Matches and Hearts…Oh My


This new collection from Stella McCartney reminds me of my Chanel jacket from a few years ago. It's always interesting to see how designers recycle successful designs from the past. That being said....makes me realize my Chanel jacket with the lipstick emblem is still very wearable and in style! I love this whimsical look from Stella but would ONLY wear one piece at a time. … [Read more...]

Get Ready to Rock Valentino Slingbacks


Valentino has definitely come along way in the past few years in terms of design and style. So much that we're lusting over Valentino's Rockstar slingback pumps. We're totally obsessed with all of them....calfskin and patent leather. We succumbed to our desire, ordered a pair and rocked the purchase! Yes, we had a little trouble deciding which color. It was a toughie but the … [Read more...]