“Let Them Eat Cake” Lipstick Works For Me!


I would buy this lipstick just for it's name...Let Them Eat Cake! (Marie Antoinette coined the best phrase ages ago!) First off I LOVE cake and secondly, Poppy Queen's lipsticks are and always have been my favorite since I was introduced them to six years ago at Barneys Cosmetics Counter. I wore her black lip gloss ( Black Sinner Shine) til there was nothing left in the little … [Read more...]

Layer Your Lips with NARS


"First impressions" mean a lot and that includes your lipstick, too! We love NARS recent collection for Nordstrom. The collection is all about layering different lip textures in similar neutral tones. Makes a great "lasting impression" especially on your lips. The collection called...'Baiser de Feu' Lip Bag features three sensational lip textures...a gloss, a pencil and a … [Read more...]

Tis The Season To Light Candles


Tis the season to light candles and not just any candles. We're referring to the slow burning "coveted" Diptyque candles. Even when they're not lit their luscious scent fills the air. There are so many incredible scents to choose from...my fav being Tubereuse. We keep our candle nestled on the coffee table between the flowers, a collection of art books and yes, a huge candy … [Read more...]

Natural Lip Colors That Never Go Out of Style!


While every cosmetic "lipstick" line boasts long-lasting moisturizing formula....it's the lip color that's most important to us. They pretty much all do the same thing give or take a full mwah on a coffee cup. During the day I love a natural look and Edward Bess lipsticks all have that ultra-natural appeal. Very similar to Armani colors but I decided to try something different. … [Read more...]

Makeup Trends We Love


Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite makeup trends. Although I love anything shimmery I probably wouldn't wear the bright silver glittery lipstick. My two favorite "naughtier" lipstick colors are from Laura Mercier, known for their moisturizing lipstick and Poppy Queen, known for their sheer tints of outrageous colors. These two dark shades have become classic tones … [Read more...]

It’s Time to Sparkle with Deborah Lippmann’s Holiday Collection


We all know how amazing Deborah Lippmann's nail polishes are. Her exciting 2013 Starlight Collection is perfect for the holidays and your next mani/pedi. Lippmann's holiday collection is all about glittery finishes that "spark your fantasies and reveries". These hot new sparkly shades are sure to be flying off the shelves. We love the shimmery finish which can be worn alone or … [Read more...]

A Few Goody Gumdrops Shops The Hippest Purple Polishes!


Now that fall is here, it's time to paint your nails with some great "shades of purple"...you probably thought we were going to say "shades of gray". (gray polish is so last season!!!) We're loving this season's hot new purple trend. We've selected three to-die-for nail lacquers from Nars that we're excited to share with you! These vibrant purple hues are perfect for … [Read more...]

Sparkle with Dior’s Newest Limited Edition Nail Lacquer


Look what's arriving momentarily!!!! By now you're aware that metallic's are one of this season's hottest trends. So, it stands to reason that your nails should have the latest trend, too. Enter, Dior's gorgeous limited-edition glittering nail colors. They are perfect for your next mani/pedi. Your nails will really pop with that extra gold or black sparkle. So excited to wear … [Read more...]

Marc Jacob’s First-Ever Color Collection Hits Sephora Next Month!


Marc Jacobs is no stranger to the beauty industry – I've collected my share of samples for fragrances like Daisy, Lola, Dot, and beyond – but until now, the designer has yet to expand his "palette" to include color cosmetics. Set to launch exclusively at Sephora on August 9th, his first foray into makeup is gearing up to hit shelves, and I couldn't be more excited! The … [Read more...]