Getting Ready For Fall Featuring Boyfriend Jeans


Betsy Brown Style by afewgoodygumdrops featuring Boyfriend Jeans  My outfits are pretty casual given my lifestyle unfortunately that doesn't make them less pricey. This look is one of my favorite's...casual, comfy and cool. I'm enamored with The Row, Dior, and Valentino! This outfit features my favorite (luxury) designers mixed with distressed denim. We've all become … [Read more...]

Lavender, Verbena or Both?


Recently I received an email from an online Gumdrops shopper. She said, "Betsy, I always love all the cosmetics (shadows, glosses, polishes and more) that you blog about. The products you write about are so different (green lipstick, gray lipstick, yellow polish), and I totally love the lines that you share. I hadn't heard of Charlotte Tilbury or Illamasqua makeup before … [Read more...]

Violet Inspired Lids


Excited to have recently shared the collaboration between fashion designer, Christopher Kane and Nars (limited edition) lip glosses for his Spring runway collection 2015. The Christopher Kane and Nars collaboration also created gorgeous eyeshadow colors. They're an eye-catching favorite of mine combining stunning colors and high shine. This duo eyeshadow called Parallel … [Read more...]

Did Your Lips Kiss A Frog Today?


In the past, we've shared black, grey and blue lipstick that you didn't think you'd wear, and you did! We all know those weren't the true colors on your lips but the subtle hues they provided were actually flattering. now we're sharing a color called Frog Prince! You guessed's green, and it's by none other than famed "Lipstick Queen" herself. If you can get … [Read more...]

Christopher Kane + Nars + WOW!


 As I've told you before, I'm a makeup junkie...more in the vain of a serious collector. In my book, you can never have too many fabulous lip glosses. I'm sharing three extraordinary shades that are sure to get you through the summer. The colors are GORG and can be paired (or not) with different color liners for whatever effect and look you want to achieve. I love a very glossy … [Read more...]

Play Up Your Hair with Living Proof Products


Three hair care products I can't live without from Living Proof. All three products are must-haves for your frizz shampoo, no frizz leave-in conditioner and flex shaping hairspray. By now I've tried every brand/product out there, and Living Proof products are like no other.They work! For example, the flex shaping hairspray is exactly what it can spray your … [Read more...]

Curling & Twirling for That Desired Beachy Look


  I've probably just come across the best-kept secret in the world of curling irons. The Irresistible Me Sapphire 8 in 1 Complete Curling Iron is about the best I've ever used. I recently bought three curling irons...none of them doing the trick. My hair looked worse...either too curly or too straight. My desired look was the latest hair trend...the loose beachy waves as … [Read more...]

Shop Deborah Lippmann’s Spring Nail Lacquers In The Dead of Winter


It's freezzzzzing cold for many of us. We're in the dead of winter awaiting massive snow storms. What better time than NOW to paint your nails with the pastel nail colors of spring and summer. We're so excited the pastel trend is on the fast, coral, mint green, and purple polishes. Deborah Lippmann's colors are long-lasting, quick drying not to mention....GORG and … [Read more...]

Laura Mercier’s All Over Face Colour Brush


There are makeup brushes then there's Laura Mercier's All Over Face Colour Brush. (probably the best make-up tool ever!) This limited edition all-over-face-color-brush is a must have. The perfect oversize brush for powdered bronzer, loose powder and powdered blush. "The brush is perfectly tapered for shimmering colour". Love using a large brush to sweep the color all over the … [Read more...]

Oribe’s Luxe Products Are Just As Worthy As His Haircuts


Many of us can not afford the 800 dollar haircut that celebrity hairstylist Oribe is so famous for. He's known for creating some of the most fashion-forward hairstyles. I'm sure we can all find more useful ways to blow eight hundred dollars. (did I mention how hard it is to get an appointment with him???) While Oribe's costly haircuts maybe out of whack, his fabulous luxury … [Read more...]