Zelens Concealer…Are You Ready to Hide the Dark Circles?


While I don't consider my myself a make-up guru I would fall under the classification "make-up junkie" or (serious) collector. I'm actually beginning to narrow down my favorites to my top vanity draw but I'm still searching  for the perfect concealer. Most of us need to conceal under our eyes, above the lip, the sides of the nose, a few blemishes...you get the picture. Although … [Read more...]

Charlotte Tilbury…Kissing Lipsticks! Mwah, Smack, Smooch


Buying lipsticks used to be a favorite pastime of mine...now it's a passion!!! Always searching for the perfect color and formula. Even if you can't afford the Valentino boots and top you can at least buy the lipstick to match the pieces on your "wish list". We've recently discovered Charlotte Tilbury's (renowned make-up artist) amazing collection of lipsticks, matching lip … [Read more...]

Is Christian Louboutin’s Red Polish All It’s Cracked Up To Be?


You'd think if you spent fifty dollars on a bottle of nail polish it would practically give you a manicure! In hindsight...a ridiculous craving. For me Louboutin's exciting new signature polish... Rouge Louboutin was a must-have and with good reason...the color red matches the soles of Mr. Louboutin's iconic red heels, flats and booties. Who wouldn't want to be in on the big … [Read more...]

Feeling Blue? Paint the Town Red with Christian Louboutin’s Red Rouge Nail Polish!


I'm so ready to give up the bright chartreuse nail polish I've been wearing all summer. Ordered and waiting for "fabulousness" in a bottle to arrive at my door. (love using my made-up word) Now you can shop Christian Louboutin's Red Rouge Nail Polish on A Few Goody Gumdrops. Click the red links to indulge "the same red" color we've come to love and adore on the soles of our … [Read more...]

Beach Waves with a T3 Curling Iron


I've been through two curling irons and had difficulty with both. One came with a glove (felt like Micheal Jackson)...the other with an instruction booklet that I couldn't figure out. Most mornings my hair is unrecognizable. What's a fashionista supposed to do???  Finally, I bought a curling iron that I can use and it gives my hair those soft-beachy waves that I used to love on … [Read more...]

Pre-Order Louboutin’s Rouge Red Polish at $50 a Bottle!


Yesterday we introduced our readers to Louboutin's Rouge Red Nail Color...a perfect match next to his iconic red soles. Christian Louboutin is expanding his brand into the beauty biz (Christian Louboutin Beaute) starting with his "signature red" color nail polish. Doesn't every designer eventually saunter into the beauty biz? This bright red "sole color" is ready for pre-order … [Read more...]

Louboutin’s Signature Red Makes It’s Nail Polish Debut


Are you ready to purchase the most lavish nail polish to hit the beauty market? YOU maybe ready but you'll have to get on the wait list first. A wait list for nail polish? Wonder who makes this polish??? Hmmm...let me give you a hint...signature red sole. Yes, it's from renown shoe designer, Christian Louboutin. The glossy color appropriately named Rouge Red...a perfect match … [Read more...]

“Let Them Eat Cake” Lipstick Works For Me!


I would buy this lipstick just for it's name...Let Them Eat Cake! (Marie Antoinette coined the best phrase ages ago!) First off I LOVE cake and secondly, Poppy Queen's lipsticks are and always have been my favorite since I was introduced them to six years ago at Barneys Cosmetics Counter. I wore her black lip gloss ( Black Sinner Shine) til there was nothing left in the little … [Read more...]

Layer Your Lips with NARS


"First impressions" mean a lot and that includes your lipstick, too! We love NARS recent collection for Nordstrom. The collection is all about layering different lip textures in similar neutral tones. Makes a great "lasting impression" especially on your lips. The collection called...'Baiser de Feu' Lip Bag features three sensational lip textures...a gloss, a pencil and a … [Read more...]

Tis The Season To Light Candles


Tis the season to light candles and not just any candles. We're referring to the slow burning "coveted" Diptyque candles. Even when they're not lit their luscious scent fills the air. There are so many incredible scents to choose from...my fav being Tubereuse. We keep our candle nestled on the coffee table between the flowers, a collection of art books and yes, a huge candy … [Read more...]