Bear With Us & Moschino!


Leave it to Moschino to design the cutest IPHONE 6 case and just in time for Mother's Day! What an adorable cover for your phone. Who doesn't love the teddy bear motif! It's sure to make you smile every time you whip out your phone.The best is you'll always be able to find your phone in your bag. I have a black case on my phone, and it's tough to find it in my black handbag. (I … [Read more...]

Saint Laurent’s Trendy & Cool iPhone Case!


How fabulous is this luxurious black leather Y IPHONE 4 CASE from Saint Laurent especially if you have the matching Cabas handbag! As far as iPhone covers go this one is stunning with the gold-tone 'Y' hardware on the front and the interior suede lining. I personally love having cool accessories in my bag. Just think how fabulous you'll look during fashion week using Saint … [Read more...]

The Rabito iPhone Cover Is All Ears!


A Few Goody Gumdrops loves finding unique holiday gifts.These limited edition iPhone covers in glam gold and sleek silver are the ultimate stocking stuffers.Rabito's (great name) iPhone covers for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models make the perfect gift not to mention finding your phone easily in your handbag. Just grab the rabbit ears and you're ready to start chatting away.The … [Read more...]